Emily Jones is employed by Christian Broadcasting Network’s CBNnews.com. On Tuesday she writes: Four VA School Systems Claim ‘Thousands’ of Transgender Students in Landmark Case. She is referring to the continuing saga of Gavin Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board. Grimm, a transgender man is suing the school system for having denied him equal access when he was a high school student. This case began in July, 2015 when Grimm had completed his sophomore year.

Getting back to Ms. Jones, she writes:

Four schools in northern Virginia claim there are “thousands of students in Virginia public schools who…identify as transgender” and should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they choose.

It is not four “schools.” She is referring to an amicus brief prepared on behalf of Fairfax County School Board, Alexandria City School Board, Arlington School Board, and Falls Church City School Board. Fairfax County alone has 196 public schools. The quote that Ms. Jones mangled very badly is:

Thousands of transgender students in Virginia public schools need and deserve
protection from discrimination.

Ms. Jones is expressing surprise at the number. The math is simple. The headcount of students in Virginia public schools, K-12, is 1,290,513. Assuming 0.5% the result is 6,452 transgender kids. Ms. Jones lacked the curiosity to explore the numbers. The authors of the brief, by the way, incorrectly used the CDC statistic which is 1.8%.

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By David Cary Hart

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