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If only I stayed on top of my email tsunami I would have posted this two days ago. As you may recall I wrote about an attempt by Justin Danhof to disrupt IBM’s shareholder meeting. I was hoping to get a transcript.

I received the following for their VP of corporate communications (emphasis added):

Promoting fairness, equality and inclusion have been hallmarks of IBM’s culture for our 100+ year history. Our message of inclusion encompasses religious beliefs and practices. IBMers are free to maintain their own religious beliefs, and we celebrate the diversity of experience, beliefs and backgrounds in our company and communities that have always shaped our culture. The only thing we exclude at IBM is exclusion itself, and we will continue to oppose discrimination in all its forms.

The email notes that at the same time IBM was one of the companies lobbying in Texas to preserve municipal nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ people. Those local ordinances are being threatened with a preemption bill. This is one of holier-than-thou Ken Paxton’s agenda items. Preemption

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