I have three pieces that I am currently working on. One is an important Quack Alert which I hope to get out tomorrow.

Today I updated from Fedora 29 to Fedora 30. Including pre-Fedora Redhat updates I have done this 32 times without a problem. I should have backed up before the update. I have three USB drives connected and considerable network storage. I was too damned lazy. After the update, the graphic user interface (“KDE”) came to a crashing halt. Freeze.

It could not be fixed because I could not get even partial control. I suspected that is was one of my widgets like weather. I could not isolate the problem from the command line so I pretty much whacked every KDE setting. I have a blank desktop and task bar.

I kept all of my email and news aggregator but lost all of my Chrome logins and passwords. Most importantly I lost all of my hotkeys. I prefer to post from HTML rather than the WYSIWIG editor. Hotkeys are essential because they do things like type “<blockquote></blogquote>” and move the cursor to the center. The hot keys add line breads, bold, italic and so on.

Even when I have purchased new computers I have a solid-state drive that I move from the old to the new. I am pretty much fucked at the moment.

Please bear with me.

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By David Cary Hart

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