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Dr. Douglas Weiss attracted my attention when Steve Strang, Charisma Media, offered his effusive praise of the Colorado psychologist. According to Strang: Spirit-Filled Psychologist: Church Must Be Healed From Sexual Brokenness to Be Moral Force Again. So I took a look at Weiss’ website and tip-toed through the bovine exhaust:

Heart to Heart Counseling Center specializes in sexual addiction counseling, treating intimacy anorexia and supporting partners. We are the premiere relationship counseling center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For over thirty years, we have helped relationships heal after dealing with sex addiction and intimacy anorexia, brought husbands and wives back together and helped couples find their intimacy again. We change lives.

Heart to Heart Counseling Center was formed by Weiss in 2000 which coincides with Weiss’ original license as a Licensed Professional Counselor (the doctorate came eight years later). So “over thirty years” is closer to 19 years. He could have gotten away with two decades. Why stretch it out 11 years? This “spirit filled psychologist” seems to have some problems with the spirit of truth.

Indeed, in one of several disciplinary actions, Weiss misrepresented his credentials. To be fair that was in 2002 and he has had a clean record since 2010.

But then there is this:

I am also a huge supporter and advocate of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). AASAT is dedicated to training therapists and coaches in the best practices for treating sexual addiction, partner therapy and intimacy anorexia. The association provides three different training certification programs with over 130 hours of classroom training – Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist (SRT), Partners Recovery Therapist (PRT) and Intimacy Anorexia Therapist (IAT).

I have served as the President of AASAT since 2008 and am certified at the SRT, PRT and IAT levels.

At best the above is misleading. At worst it is just an outright lie. For starters the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy is nothing more than a trade name (dba) for Douglas W. Weiss. The name was reserved in 2008 when he became its president. Weiss is clearly trying to convey the appearance of an independent organization. Moreover, those certifications he claims are self-designated baloney. I’m not entirely sure how one “serves” as president of, essentially, himself.

The purpose of AASAT is to sell stuff. He is also selling CEUs which someone could ostensibly use to satisfy continuing education requirements.

2008 correlates to the year in which Weiss received his PhD and was licensed as a psychologist. He does not disclose from where he received his degree. Weiss does not have a doctorate in psychology. Rather, he has a doctorate in the philosophy of psychology which reeks of a substandard school which is probably why he doesn’t disclose it. Given that Weiss was already a practicing counselor this was presumably a distance learning PhD and my guess is that the correspondence school is a for-profit operation.

Another complaint is revealing. At one of his intensive couples therapy programs”

… rather than assessing the situation, de-escalating the anger … providing a positive therapeutic approach … Respondent created more adversity and alienation … rushing both of them into conversations about ending the marriage, distribution of marital assets, divorce …

He had them write anger letters and “good bye” letters. Very professional indeed. As for those teenage “sex addicts:”

Teen Sex Addict Intensive

The Teen Sex Addict Intensive is for young adults and teenagers dealing with sex addiction. Sensuality is everywhere in our kids’ world. It’s in video games, movies, cartoons, anime and advertisements. … Our intensives help teens:

  • Kill lust and live cleanly in freedom.
  • Understand what God’s plan for them is and for their relationships.
  • See the dangers, side effects and pitfalls pornography presents.
  • Realize why compulsive self-sex negatively affects their self-image and mindset.
  • Honor their relationships and seek out good influences.
  • Live in reality instead of building fantasy worlds.
  • Create a custom recovery plan to avoid future addictions.

Dr. Doug Weiss and our counselors are here to help your teen with sex addiction.

Counselors? Possible but improbable. Weiss lists no other staff on his website. In his FAQ Weiss bloviates further:

Even though many of our adult male clients report that their fathers were sex addicts (porn, affairs, prostitutes etc.), they also report getting little to no proper sexual information to balance their sexual perspective. We have created two DVDs addressing healthy sexuality for teens. Born for War teaches young men practical tools to defeat the sexual landmines their generation faces and offers scriptural truths to empower them to desire success in the war that is thrust upon them. Princes Take Longer Than Frogs helps single women ages 15-30 successfully navigate through the season of dating and how to distinguish between a Prince and a Frog.

Weiss also has a nonprofit called Healing Time Ministries; “Healing the brokenhearted locally and globally.” I don’t know about their global operations but he does ask for donations. The 501(c)3 has revenues below $50,000 and files its tax return by e-postcard.

Douglas W. Weiss is just another poorly trained, self-absorbed, sanctimonious crackpot. He has been denied malpractice insurance.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.