“The gay community is not responsible for the direction of Lopez’ penis.”

Robert Oscar Lopez

Robert Oscar Lopez

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American Family Association’s imbecile du jour, Jody Brown, teams up with the ever-nutty Robert Oscar Lopez do denigrate gay people with The ‘brutal reality’ of male homosexual behavior. AFA continues to prove that it has no legitimate beef with the Southern Poverty Law Center with respect to its listing as a hate group.

In an extremely candid interview on a Christian radio network, a former homosexual who was raised by a same-sex couple explained how he was “inducted into the world of gay sex” while a teenager – and why frank talk about homosexual activity is necessary.

“Bobby” was not raised by a gay couple. His mother is a lesbian and Lopez has had a relationship with his father. Lopez’ mother did have a relationship but they did not live together. It is safe to say that mom’s paramour had little to do with bringing up Bobby. From what we know about Lopez he is bisexual.

Tuesday on American Family Radio, Dr. Robert Oscar López – a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – said it’s necessary to discuss the biological realities of the homosexual lifestyle in order to help people get set free from it.

“I really just bought the propaganda from the gay community for years. I thought that it must be that I was born that way, that must have been who I was,” López told talk-show host Abraham Hamilton III. “But I hated what I was actually doing … Finally, at the age of 28, I met a woman and I fell in love, and I realized that all of that was a lie.”

Hamilton is AFA’s half-assed in-house lawyer with an undergraduate degree from Oral Roberts U. As for Lopez, the idea that people lied to him is absurd. He is seeking victimhood. Lopez is bisexual. The gay community is not responsible for the direction of Lopez’ penis or his libido. .

I do not know what makes Lopez comfortable but it is a safe bet that he is attracted to men and women. Lopez used to write erotic gay fiction. That would seem to be a vicarious endeavor.

I am not a psychologist but I do know that Lopez is a kook. A few years ago I wrote:

I absolutely refuse to write about Robert Oscar Lopez. Introducing some mental hygiene to a guy who is batshit crazy makes no sense whatsoever.

I wrote about him then and I am writing about him now. I have written about him many times so I guess that my refusal was meaningless. Lopez seems to relish the ridicule that comes his way every time that he opens his mouth. On the other hand, he postures as a victim of the LGBT community. Perhaps he is a masochist. In all circumstances Lopez is determined to play the victim.

The professor of humanities said it isn’t just a lie for him, but for everyone.

“I don’t think anybody is gay,” he continued. “We talk about ‘gay’ as if it’s this abstract thing – and we pretend that there isn’t a brutal reality that takes place when two men … close the doors and get into bed together. They do things that people would universally find really unseemly – and there’s no way around it.”

It is Lopez who is making sexual orientation an abstraction. Sexual orientation is a scientific reality which means that gay people (including me) do exist.

Apparently Robert Oscar Lopez does not like gay sex. Really? My late boyfriend was an insatiable bottom. He wanted sex twice a day. I did not share either his energy or his enthusiasm. Nevertheless gay sex was one of my favorite hobbies. (TMI?) People who do not like gay sex (which includes anal sex) are probably not doing it right.

Hamilton said Christians have “soft-pedaled” the realities of the homosexual lifestyle for so long that when believers “wake up” to those realities, they are shocked how the cultural foundation has shifted.

Hamilton is an idiot. Why would any straight person even care about the sex lives of gay people? Does this apparent obsession have anything to do with Hamilton’s sexuality? What these two morons are trying to do is to frame sexual orientation — attraction — as a behavior which makes it a choice. Lopez is again promoting conversion therapy.

I have better things to do but here’s the link if you want to kill off some excess brain cells.

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By David Cary Hart

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