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Hate Group Leader Dave Daubenmire needs to hit the gym

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While hate group leader Dave Daubenmire (Pass the Salt Ministries) is spectacularly anti-LGBT, he is not spectacularly blessed with intelligence. Dave “explains:”

A little over a month ago I visited Hillary Clinton’s house in Chappaqua, NY where I called for her indictment. I went alone. I figured it was time somebody from the uber “silent majority” to DO something.

To make a long story short Daubenmire is now organizing a caravan to visit Secretary Clinton’s home.

This Sunday May 26th we are going back to Chappaqua. It is the first of many things that we are going to DO. Would you like to get involved? Would you like to actually DO something? Well, this is your chance.

Even if the conspiracy theories are correct and Clinton should be subject to prosecution, what, exactly, does this moron think he will “DO?” Is Secretary Clinton going to indict herself? Is there some legal bureau in Chappaqua that will process an indictment because Daubenmire is visiting Clinton’s home?

Hundreds of us are getting in our cars and driving to Chappaqua. We are going to meet up and caravan together into town and demand that the government do its job and INDICT HILLARY CLINTON. She is a felon. James Comey told us she was, but he explained that there was a different system of justice for the rich and powerful. Check out his video on the website. He charged her with four felonies.

Something tells me that he will be a bit short of “hundreds” although, as Einstein once postulated, stupidity is limitless. Daubenmire’s “understanding” of James Comey’s conclusions and Clinton’s legal peril reflects a deficit in comprehension and the absence of intellectual process. As I said, this guy is not terribly bright.

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