The stupidity might be entertaining were it not for the fact that legions of people believe AFA’s bullshit.

Linda Harvey
With some help from AFA, bigoted hate group leader Linda Harvey asserts that LGBT adults pose a threat to children.

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American Family Association (an anti-LGBT hate group) asks a rhetorical question: With ‘Drag 101,’ are libraries LGBT breeding grounds? “Breeding grounds?” The author of this fluff is Michael F. Haverluck. I am in awe of his intellectual brilliance. Consider this bit of prose:

As the LGBT agenda continues to shift gears in America under the names of so-called “tolerance” and “diversity,” public libraries are becoming more than “safe havens” for gender-confused youth, but rather LGBT breeding grounds, with programs such as “Drag 101” to steer them into dangerous alternative lifestyles.

It seems that the person bot who wrote that is misprogrammed. It is confusing drag with gender identity. Drag queens are not transgender people. While it is true that drag queens are often gay men, they are entertainers. Transgender people are so because they are mitigating the intense discomfort caused by gender dysphoria. Transgender people try to be inconspicuous. Drag queens are intentionally outrageous.

Drag 101 was apparently offered at two public libraries; one in Delaware and one in Ohio. Both cancelled the event due to concerns over safety. Think about that for a moment. Religious conservatives are so exercised over something that they have made potential participants feel threatened. No one was forcing them to attend. As The Hill explained:

An Ohio public library is no longer planning to host a one-day “Drag 101” class for teens due to the number of “veiled threats” it received.

The real threat to people is not posed by offering Drag 101. It is obviously posed by homophobic/transphobic idiots who are primed and pumped by outlets like American Family Association. They not only disparage LGBT people but spread misinformation with an appeal to stereotype, as the current post exhibits:

Queer teaching

Look no further than Ohio to find what America is now feeding its children to promote the LGBT agenda – at kids’ expense.

The Buckeye State is implementing a “Drag 101” course this summer, using former “Miss Gay Ohio America” to promote the class in its public library as he is commissioned to teach teens “the building blocks of how to do drag.”

Coaxing youth into the LGBT lifestyle is no longer a hidden agenda – as it is now an integral part of students’ education – like it or not.

Drag 101 is pretty harmless. Teen sexuality will not be affected by Drag 101. In fact a toddler’s sexuality would not be affected. The notion that an event will make kids gay or transgender is spectacularly imbecilic. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not subject to influence. The stupidity might be entertaining were it not for the fact that legions of people believe AFA’s bullshit. AFA’s bigotry extends to calling sexuality a “lifestyle.”

Further along:

Worries abound

Melissa Ackison – a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Ohio and a mother of four – is very wary of the influential Drag 101 class.

“My first concern was, ‘Are there background checks for this program, and how are they vetting candidates who come in for something like this?'” the conservative politician expressed to the station, questioning whether tax dollars should fund such a program and whether any class time should be allocated to the course.

Melissa Ackison is a hopeless idiot. She is implying that tax dollars should only fund programs that she approves of in accordance with her religious beliefs. Who made her the arbiter of relevance and appropriateness? I would be more concerned over one of her bigoted presentations somewhere. Haters can be created by others; not LGBT people.

It gets even worse:

Another conservative leader sees the Delaware program as dragging kids through the mud, calling such public facilities implementing the classes as evolving into “private child-corruption centers” administering the “mental molestation of youth.”

Mission America President Linda Harvey – who also hosts a conservative Salem talk show in Columbus – argues that the library courses are steering youth in the wrong direction.

Linda Harvey is a bigoted moron. Using the word molestation it is easy to see why other morons made veiled threats. Her hyperbole continues:

“It’s bad enough that some libraries encourage little children to perch on the laps of transvestite males as they hear fables about well-adjusted homosexual families, in the so-called ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ featured in some communities, [a]nd then those guys turn out to be convicted child molesters – as recently happened in Houston,” Harvey wrote in her column for WND. “But other libraries have devised another method for mental molestation of youth. Middle and high-schoolers are invited to a private ‘safe space’ session with a garishly dressed [highly offensive term] to explore what ‘drag’ is all about. And adults are excluded – until the public hears and cries ‘foul.’”

Across the country I believe that two drag queens are alleged to have been convicted of sex crimes requiring registration. Everyone conducting an event for children at a library is supposed to be subjected to a background check.

Again, Linda Harvey has used the highly loaded word molestation to describe something that she does not approve of. Imagine the circumference of the stick up her ass.

Oh, and it is a conspiracy:

Harvey had a good idea why parents and teens are not invited.

“Why is that important? Why can’t 15-year-old Josh attend with his 9-year old sister?” she posed. “Unless there are sleazy elements you librarians think teens will keep from their parents, but little kids are more likely to blab.”

I have run out of words to describe the lack of intelligence. By the way, those two paragraphs are in conflict.

Harvey is very verbose. She is a shameless bigot seizing on what she thinks is an opportunity to denigrate LGBT people. With an assist from AFA’s Mr. Haverluck, she is claiming that LGBT men pose a threat to children. It reminds me of the fact that, throughout the Arab world, people are taught that Jews use the blood of Muslim children in a pastry.

Harvey is no better. The next time that AFA or Ms. Harvey (Mission America) complain about their hate group listing, I will refer them back to this piece of work from which I have quoted only a small percentage of the bigotry.

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