A collection of hackneyed homophobic and transphobic rhetoric offered as a means of selling some equally trite books.

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Bert M. Farias speaking in tongues

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Friday, according to Bert M. Farias: America is Now a Homosexual Nation. The unhinged Mr. Farias has a tiny nonprofit in New Hampshire (2017 revenues just over $100 thousand) and he has written a few vanity-published books that few have read. Farias is a self-appointed prophet of sorts. Mr. Farias doesn’t like gay people:

America is now known as a homosexual nation. It is run and dominated by a homosexual agenda and now even a transgender agenda. And yet homosexuals are only 2% of our population. They control the cultural conversation, our media, our educational system and language. You can no longer counsel gays or transgenders without backlash and persecution. You can no longer talk about family values because it offends them.

It is worth noting that the 2% nonsense is usually offered by people who subscribe to the crackpottery of the thoroughly discredited Paul Cameron. I am shocked. I did not know that we controlled everything. I have no clue what Farias is referring to with respect to counseling. Likely that is because Farias has no clue what he is referring to. Given that he is writing this nonsense in a high traffic outlet (Charisma) I suppose that he is able to say just about anything he wants. That includes a discussion of the dreaded Homosexual Agenda™. Thus we do not seem to be constricting his speech.

I do not know about “them” but Farias sure as hell offends me:

The homosexual agenda controls our movies and television. Homosexuals control aspects of our government and our laws. Never did I think this could ever be in America. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

I gather from the above that Mr. Farias is frustrated over something. What that might be is unexplained. That is probably because obvious hyperbole has very little traction. It is intellectually dishonest per se.

But guess what? Of course the majority of our nation are not homosexuals. It’s just that the 2% have been resolute and demonstrated resolve and dominated the majority who are indifferent. They lie better than the church tells the truth. The radicality that the church should have been demonstrating for righteousness, the homosexuals have demonstrated for evil. Shame on us.

So now we are evil liars. By the time Farias got to the paragraph above, he was emitting steam from his ears. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified 46 Christian organizations as anti-LGBT hate groups. Several of those hate groups’ leaders seem to have a great deal of influence over public policy.

On top of those, there are innumerable Christian ministries that are as anti-LGBT as any of the hate groups listed by the SPLC. Moreover, I suspect that anti-LGBT diatribes are routine Sunday sermon fare throughout the nation. I would remind Mr. Farias that it remains perfectly legal under federal law to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I doubt that we have the votes in the Senate to pass the Equality Act.

Whatever gains we have achieved including marriage equality are not due to indifference. Rather it is the reality that LGBT people do not pose a threat to non-LGBT people. Moreover, claims that we can choose our sexuality are based upon faith-based religious mythology. The consensus of evidence-based science is that we can no more choose our sexuality than our eye color.

When Bert M. Farias and others indulge in tirades like the one at issue, they undermine their own claims. They are antithetical to their own interests due to obvious dishonesty and obvious exaggeration.

The simple fact is that LGBT people have very little impact on their non-LGBT neighbors. Oh, but Farias does not approve due to Bronze Age chronicles of dubious provenance. That is his right. No one is forcing him to have gay sex or to marry someone of the same sex. That is despite the fact that people this unglued are often struggling with their own sexuality.

After numerous Revolutionary War patriotic platitudes:

A defining moment is a moment that puts a nation, a culture, and a church on a different path. A defining moment is a moment when conformity to society and the status quo is challenged. It’s a pushback moment when the church rises up in defiance against the rule and political correctness of the culture. A defining moment boldly proclaims to Satanic forces, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Sam. 17:26b).

So now we are satanic. What have we done as a group that is so evil? As a group: Are we unkind? Are we not giving? Are we not good parents? Do we not positively contribute to our communities? We fought very hard for the right to serve in the armed forces; are we not patriotic? What is it that this schmuck thinks others should do? Further denigrate LGBT people? Deny us due dignity? Make our lives more difficult? Discriminate against us because of religious disapproval? Farias refers to defiance in the abstract. What does he want people to defy and how are they supposed to do it?

Little wonder who he thinks should write “the script:”

Defining moments are those when someone takes the pen and with decisive authorship writes the script for a new play. It’s time to write a different ending to the play the world has written, and it’s time to write it in accordance to God’s Word.

Farias authors bromides in the abstract that say absolutely nothing. All I know from all of this fluff is that Bert M. Farias is homophobic and transphobic.

Banality R Us©:

Karl Marx was wrong about many things, but he was right about this: Two percent who are passionate dominate the 98% who are indifferent. Indifference and passivity always lose. We need to end the delusional thinking that it takes the majority to bring forth radical change. If God be for us, the odds will always be in our favor.

Marx? What is he referring to? What is the quote or is this just more bullshit? The logical extension to the above is that Farias’ god wants us to have marital and parental rights.

Farias believes that he has been anointed to be a holy messenger. I have news for him. Most liturgical Protestant churches and most synagogues have clergy who disagree with him. Those ministers and rabbis might be better educated than Mr. Farias. They might very well be smarter and they might be more astute theologians.

Farias speaks for his god:

In the kingdom of God, numbers never determine victories. God and His heavenly host are for radical righteousness. Heaven’s cloud of witnesses are cheering us on in this final hour. All we need is a resolute minority anointed by the Spirit with some iron resolve to accomplish God’s purposes and make history.

I have only quoted a small portion of this bullshit. What this is all about is that Farias has books to sell. He is wed to the notion that anti-LGBT bigotry is the path to the economic success he seeks. That makes him a false prophet. Actually, one has to be a great deal more intelligent than Farias to even be a false prophet. Farias claims to have a monopoly on Christian wisdom — Just ask him.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.