Pride Month allows people to shamelessly and openly demonstrate their spectacular stupidity.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin
Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

via Catholic Diocese of Providence, RI

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin felt compelled to author an offensive, homophobic tweet:

Tobin could have done what most bishops do and remain silent. the backlash to Tobin’s tweet was inevitable and now he is being a victim of the LGBT agenda. It is our fault that Bishop Tobin makes bad choices.

These pampered prelates are heavily insulated. They never subject themselves to responsible debate. One of the reasons that Pride activities exist is to provide a counter-narrative to the dogma promoted by religious conservatives regarding LGBT people. We want LGBTQ children to know that they are not (as the Church teaches) “objectively disordered.” What is “especially harmful for children” is to teach them that they are evil little perverts.

I would like to know what Tobin means when he says that Pride “promote[s] a culture.” What he likely means is that we are promoting a sexuality that he disapproves of. In order for that to be possible Tobin must subscribe to the preposterous idea that sexuality can be influenced by others. But, as I said, these isolated palace eunuchs never subject themselves to meaningful discourse. Rather than defending his beliefs, Tobin makes pronouncements.

A few days ago I saw a tweet by a precocious gay preteen (Desmond Napoles). He was at Disneyland and the photo captured an innocent kid wearing mouse ears. I was reminded just how optimistic I am for his future. I was forced to spend most of my life in the closet — living a lie. Looking back, that took a tremendous toll on my psyche. That kid is already out and proud. My boyfriend of 30+ years died before we could have married. Desmond can look forward to dating, getting engaged, getting married, raising kids and eventually being a grandparent. I am pleasantly envious of the wonderful life that is his to have.

If he had his way, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin would undo all of that. According to that ambitious priest, Desmond would have to go into the closet and be celibate for life. No dating. No Marriage. No children. No self-esteem being who he is. Tobin would replace my optimism with his pessimism. We do not promote homosexuality or gender dysphoria. Bishop Tobin promotes misery. Who is more pernicious?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.