Throughout fundamentalist Christendom there is confusion between drag queens and transgender women.

Chris Plante

Chris Plante (Family Policy Institute of Washington) is terribly confused.

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Christopher Plante, late of National Organization for Marriage and now with Family Policy Institute of Washington, asks: Are Drag Queens Reading to Your Kids? It is an idiotic question. Given that only a few 6-year-olds have driver’s licenses, attendance at a Drag Queen Story Hour is probably dependent upon parental assistance.

Once again, conservative Christians think that they can, and should, impose their ideology on everyone else.

Chris Plante goes on to write:

Across the country and now here in Washington, Drag Queen Story Hour is coming to your toddler’s, your grandchild’s, library near you. As questions and teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity explode into Kindgergarten [sic] classes, a new front has opened – the Public Library. Expressing your gender dysphoria during a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show is one thing; bringing it to children’s storytime at the library under the guise of family-friendly fare is something completely different.

Get a grip. I would think that people who rail against LGBTQ people day after day would have sufficient intellectual curiosity and interest to know what the hell they are talking about.

Gender dysphoria is nothing to flippantly refer to. It is an extremely debilitating medical condition. One that is treatment resistant. Gender dysphoria can cause immense suffering; a combination of anxiety and depression. Affirming one’s gender can mitigate the symptoms which is why people are transgender. The objective of transgender women is to have their presentation conform to female norms as much as possible. Trans women seek to blend in, attracting as little attention as possible.

Drag queens are entertainers. Drag queens make a living as female impersonators. Ordinarily their presentation is as a caricature of a woman; sometimes a female celebrity. I haven’t studied the issue but I would argue that drag queens are unlikely to have gender dysphoria because the outrageous presentation of a drag queen is contrary to what transgender women seek to do.

In the final analysis, attacking Drag Queen Story Hour because of something associated with gender identity is spectacularly stupid. The six-year-olds get it. They are more curious than the average fundamentalist Christian. But the Plante is not done:

And now is your time to stand up and say, “No! Do not bring Drag Queen Story Hour to my town.”

This Saturday in Spokane and Des Moines parents are gathering to protest this growing debauchery and horrible exposure of 4-year olds to grown men dressing up and behaving like ‘women.’ … Thank you to those concerned parents and grandparents who have put these events together. East or West, I urge you to join your voice to protect our state’s toddlers from the confusion and agenda being brought by Drag Queen Story Hour.

Could Mr. Plante explain what the fuck these people are protesting? Who are they to tell other parents what they can or cannot do? Anything that can separate a kid from their digital devices and encourage them to read is a good thing. If these supposedly concerned parents do not see the value in that, then no one is forcing them to participate.

What these mentally deficient people are probably protesting is something to do with what they call “gender ideology.” That is their derisive term for the medical science regarding gender dysphoria. Simply stated the existence of transgender people conflicts with a passage in Genesis and we cannot allow that to happen. People must suffer in order to conform their world to scripture.

Protesting transgender people is wrong. No trans person volunteered to have gender dysphoria. Protesting entertainers who are drag queens is wrong. Female impersonators are not going to change anyone else’s sexuality. Protesting drag queens because one confuses them with transgender women is wrong. It is also stunningly stupid as willful ignorance.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.