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Pat Robertson is the old schmuck and Trump adorer who is president of CBN.

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Thursday’s headline from CBN News reads: Cartoon Network Tells Children to ‘Stand Proud’ While Promoting LGBT Pride Month. What follows is predictable.

The Cartoon Network, which is very popular amongst children, is encouraging their viewers to celebrate Pride month alongside them in honor of LGBTQ+ fans during the month of June.

In a tweet to their followers, the network expressed “Happy Pride” to all of their LGBTQ+ fans, while encouraging them to “stand proud all year long!”

The picture tweeted alongside the message showed the “Powerpuff Girls,” and included the hashtags “#powerpuffyourself,” “#pridemonth” and “#powerfuffgirls.”


The requisite “agenda”

It does not come as a surprise that the network would both celebrate and promote June, which is designated Pride Month as they have made it clear they have an LGBTQ+ agenda in the past.

Anonymous validators

While Cartoon Network calls itself “the best in original, acquired and classic entertainment for youth and families,” some families and parents are finding it offensive that a network is pushing their views on their viewership.

Once again, teaching kids to be nice; teaching them to be kind is somehow offensive. What happens when one of those supposed parents realizes that their child is gay? What would they propose to do? Suppose their kid has gender issues? Keep in mind that conversion therapy is premised on the idea that a child is LGBT because of bad parenting.

Last year, two female characters, Sapphire and Ruby got engaged on Cartoon Network’s show “Steven Universe,” making it the first children’s show to feature a same-sex engagement.

On a separate occasion last year, the show “Adventure Time” featured two female characters kissing on the lips. It had been rumored for years that the two were lesbians, and the series finale episode confirmed that.

While the network provides show material that promotes the LGBTQ+ agenda, they have also created a Steven Universe “made of love” collection to celebrate pride month.

Undoubtedly this is going to turn children gay. Either that or they are afraid that this will make the kiddies unbigoted. Must they really be as ignorant as the guy who runs CBN, Pat Robertson? One bright note is the comments section. There is some very sound push-back.

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