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Lee Duigon. Oddly enough this crackpot has written several children’s books.

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Lee Duigon is affiliated with the Chalcedon Foundation and anti-LGBT hate group and a leader in Christian Dominionism. Monday, Duigon writes: Stop This Wicked Transgenderism.

Our culture has gone “transgender”-mad. Not that there’s any such thing as “transgender.” There are only profoundly disturbed people, and liars who encourage them, who say they’re “transgender.” I have to put quotes around it because it isn’t real.

Mr. Duigon is a few circuits shy of proper punctuation, grammar and knowledge of transgender people. In case he finds himself reading this I have a responsibility to at least attempt to educate Lee Duigon.

A very small percentage of our population has a condition called gender dysphoria — incongruent gender and natal sex. The treatment resistant condition can cause considerable distress in the form of depression and anxiety. Unabated, the condition puts people at considerable risk for self-harm.

Sufferers can obtain considerable relief by affirming their gender which is why transgender people exist. Being transgender is neither a political nor anti-religious statement. It is just a means of mitigating the effects of a condition which medical science is unable to effectively treat. There are no volunteers in that orbit. Claiming that transgender people don’t really exist is spectacular stupidity born of religious fanaticism.

Recently at the Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin, the principal ordered all the students to see a video made to “celebrate” some fat-head of a male science teacher’s “transition” into a “woman”. He is not a woman. Every chromosome in every cell of his body is still male.

Parents, of course, were not notified of the principal’s plan to screen the video. See, school officials explained, anyone who doesn’t hop on board the trans bandwagon is guilty of “hate” and “fear.” “Hate” being any opposition, any criticism, any reluctance to embrace anything that any bunch of leftists wants to do.

By all accounts Vica Steel (whom he is referring to) is an excellent teacher. Honestly, Mr. Duigon, we all understand chromosomal realities. Ms. Steel understands them as well. However, those of us who bother to attempt to understand the science know that gender is a separate construct from natal sex. It is a concept that is well understood by science. It is also nothing new. Accounts of transgender people can be found in ancient Egyptian and Hindu texts. People have sought relief from gender incongruity through gender affirmation for thousands of years.

We sometimes take teachers for granted. It is something that I could never do. Not without a David-to-12-year-old translator or some sort of libretto. It is one thing to have knowledge. It takes a very special person to present that knowledge to children and to answer their endless questions in a format that the kids can understand. I truly admire good teachers. But I digress.

Ms. Steel and her principal absolutely did the right thing. They wanted students to be less ignorant than Mr. Duigon by having the best available information that medical science can provide. That same information was recently used by the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend what they term the affirmative care model. It is the consensus recommendation of every mainstream medical and counseling peer association.

Calling a medical condition “wicked” goes back to at least the middle ages when it was believed that all ailments were caused by demons. In the 21st century we have — at least most of us have — a better sense of reality. Gender diverse people are a fact of life even if their existence contradicts a passage in Genesis describing how God made men and women. Arguing with science because of Bronze Age texts of questionable provenance doesn’t make much sense.

I would really like to know if that principal truly, honestly, whole-heartedly believes this, er, science teacher really has “become a woman.” If he does believe it, then he or she is as wacko as the other guy. But if the principal doesn’t believe it, and is just pushing what he knows to be a lie, then the principal is a depraved liar. In either case, this person is not fit to be the principal of anything.

This promotion of “transgender” by the public schools is a form of child abuse.

Lee Duigon is ably providing the demarcation between faith and superstition. I have written the following seemingly a hundred times: Religion is a belief system based on faith. Science is based upon evidence. Mr. Duigon is essentially saying: “Accept my belief system or you are crazy.” Another way of putting it is: “Don’t believe your lying eyes.”

In point of fact, when gender and natal sex are incongruent, gender is usually controlling. Therefore, for all intents and purposes a transgender woman is, … well, a woman. As a former CEO, I would like to think that we judge people in the workplace according to their performance. I have not been perfect in that regard but I tried. As long as Ms. Steel can do the job that she is paid to do, what difference does it make? What business is it of Lee Duigon? He has probably never met a transgender person.

They used to spout the same crap about gay people in the classroom. In fact much anti-transgender rhetoric has its origins in homophobic bigotry. It has just been retooled and re-purposed by pretty much the same people.

Here’s a story, first reported two years ago, that you probably haven’t heard.

In an elementary school in Rocklin, California, they decided they needed to have a “celebration” of tranniness for kindergarten children, because they wanted the kiddies to be hip to “transitioning.” Afterward, little girls went home and told their parents that now they were afraid they would somehow be “turned into boys”. Nice thing for a child to think about in bed, isn’t it—you wake up one morning and you’re not you anymore.

He is right. Nobody has heard about it because Duigon’s version is inaccurate. One child was distressed and all it would take is one capable parent. Instead, Mommy, Chelsea McQuistan, wanted some attention which she continues to get. Moreover, this wasn’t to make the kids hip. One student was transitioning and the school did not want the child to be subjected to gratuitous bullying.

Are there really that many people out there who genuinely believe that you can change your “gender” just by saying so? Or just by dressing up, taking hormones, or having bits of you chopped off? Has this idea really and truly caught on? If so, God help us.

I am running out of patience. If someone could change their gender there would be no transgender people because everyone would opt to have their gender coincide with their sex. Transgender people do the exact opposite. They affirm their gender. It’s not that complicated unless you want it to be.

As for catching on, medical science has been treating people with gender dysphoria in this manner for more than a century. In 1917, Dr. Alan L. Hart (no relation) received female to male gender confirmation surgery to relieve what was then called gender identity disorder. Conservative Christians have been bitching about it for more than 100 years.

But what if people are just going along with it because they’re afraid of consequences if they don’t? Who wants ten thousand Internet trolls calling them “haters” and biggits? [sic] …

Before Mr. Duigon weighs in on medical science I would posit that he should obtain a spell checker.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.