“Burning heretics at the stake is passé. It hasn’t been fashionable for a few hundred years.”

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Tuesday, at the hate-site LifeSiteNews, Calvin Freiburger writes: MasterCard to let gender-confused customers pick their names on credit cards. Freiburger is not excessively critical of MasterCard but it is clear that neither he nor his employer approve. Why is this any of his business?

Oh, I see. The Vatican pretends that transgender people do not exist. Freiburger and LifeSite are obliged to follow suit. The Pope, an amature psychiatrist, has been claiming since the start of his papacy that gender variances put the Church in peril. Pope Francis is a theologian and catechist, not a scientists. Fortunately, most Catholics in the United States are supportive of LGBT people.

I have press access to both the Journal of the American Medical Association (which is actually a collection of journals) and the New England Journal of Medicine. I have searched and searched. I can find references to gender dysphoria and gender incongruence but I have been unable to find any content relating to what Freiburger calls gender confusion.

Freiburger uncritically parrots this bullshit which some religious zealot came up with. If the condition is confusion then all that is required is a cogent explanation to unconfuse the afflicted. Problem solved. Right? Funny thing is that I cannot find anything like that in the medical literature. They might just as well argue that scripture is correct — Earth is the center of the universe.

The people at LifeSiteNews would like all of us to believe that their primary concern is the wellbeing of transgender people. They work hard to convince themselves that that is the case. They will misgender trans people, not to do violence, but out of Christian love. The truth is that their only concern is obedience to their bishops. If the Church says that up is down then up is down. That’s how it works. In another part of the world they might ponder how to fly airplanes into buildings.

Sorry LifeSite. Burning heretics at the stake is passé. It hasn’t been fashionable for a few hundred years. You will just have to cope with the fact that transgender people exist and that they are not defined by their sexuality.

I do not care why MasterCard has stopped deadnaming its customers but it is a welcome change. Trans folks and supporters appreciate the effort.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.