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Larry Tomczak asks: Is It Acceptable to Attend a Gay Pride Event? I am certain that my readers want answers to that stunningly important question. To keep matters brief, Tomczak says that he has attended numerous Pride events:

While I never celebrate “gay pride” during the month of June, I’ve attended 17 gay pride events in Washington, DC, Atlanta and Nashville. Knowing we must be cautious and use wisdom in participating in these types of events, I go to connect with people and share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads me. I engage with people and reach out to them in love, usually concluding my interaction by giving them my personal testimony tract.

Who could refuse that tract? Claiming that bigotry is love is standard fare for these people.

Currently in theaters across America, a film is playing that is gaining lots of attention. I saw this documentary, entitled 5B, and like multitudes, was deeply moved by the charity and sensitivity of people ministering to homosexuals in San Francisco.

“Ministering?” Present tense? 5B takes place around 40 years ago at the height of the AIDS crisis. It was a secular endeavor:

At the heart of the HIV/AIDs epidemic, a single number and letter designated a ward on the fifth floor of San Francisco General Hospital, the first in the country designed specifically to treat AIDS patients. The unit’s nurses’ and caregivers’ emphasis on humanity and consideration of holistic well-being created a new standard of care in a time of great uncertainty.

Three Groups of Gays

Strolling the grounds and mingling with the crowds at a gay pride event, I guard my eyes from anything unclean and take advantage of “divine appointments.” I follow my spiritual radar and as Jesus noticed Nathaniel “under the fig tree” (John 1:48b), I look for individuals who might be by themselves or appear lonely, ready to be reached.

Some gays take on the identity of a militant. They are rough and ready to be combative with anyone perceived as opposing their radical agenda. I usually avoid these individuals who would see me as a threat.

Threat? No. Obnoxious irritant? Yes. Someone who sees Equal Protection as a “radical agenda” expects people to put up with his religious bullshit? Lonely people respond most favorably to the sense of community; not proselytizing anti-gay Christian crackpots. I suppose that I would be one of Tomczak’s militants. I don’t put up with the kind of BS that Tomczak and his ilk promote. Life is too short and I have better things to to.

Other gays perceive themselves as moderate. Having found acceptance in the lifestyle they’ve discovered or with which they are experimenting, they’re on a journey trying to find a place to belong.

Someone who perceives that a sexual orientation is a “lifestyle” is in no position to judge anyone and to categorize them. I suppose that people more civil than I are slotted into Tomczak’s moderate bin. Tomczak is probably calling anyone who doesn’t suggest that he assume an impossible anatomical position a moderate.

A third group of gays aren’t happy and are trying to move on. If they sense we are trustworthy and nonjudgmental, they’ll admit the emptiness of a lifestyle they thought would bring fulfillment. They want to abandon it and are looking for a way out. They desperately crave caring relationship and community to heal their rejection. They’re ripe for the kingdom of God!

That supposed third group does not exist. If it did, its constituents would not be at a Pride event and no gay person believes that they are pursuing a lifestyle. “Rejection?” By whom and how could Tomczak ever presume to know in a brief street conversation.

Of greater importance is the necessity to appreciate the presumptions that Tomczak is making. No one at a Pride event meets Tomczak’s religious expectations. Tomczak arrogantly assumes the role of an arbiter of piety. There are plenty of gay people who are devout Christians. There would be more except for the gasbags who see the two things as mutually exclusive. His supposed proselytizing consists of finding insecure people.

If they actually exist at a Pride event and if Tomczak were really capable of identifying them at a glance, the last thing they need is a judgmental fool like Tomczak. He would only succeed in making them more insecure as a means of manipulating them. It is the cultist’s approach and it is damaging. That makes Tomczak a predator.

Here’s the Deal: The LGBTQ lifestyle represents a mission field of searching and needy people whom God loves. One such person in our former Atlanta church had lived as a lesbian for 42 years until she was redeemed after hearing the gospel.

She has reached out to multitudes since. Will you join those of us responding to the call to be that “little pencil” with which God writes His love to those for whom Jesus died?

I am guessing that Tomczak is full of crap all around. The purpose of this little treatise is to say I am important and I am relevant. What? You think that this is an instruction manual for others to pray-at-Pride? You think that former lesbian really exists?

Every now and then someone on Lincoln Road is carrying one of those signs listing evils of homosexuality, abortion and so on. I ignore them. If they approach me I will tell them to go away and you can assume that acute PTSD has rendered me less capable of self-censorship and diplomacy than was the case before I was shot. On the whole our community is more civil than I. However, aside from being a predator, Tomczak is invading our space.

I do not know about others but if I saw and heard someone like that trying to convince someone else (especially a youth) that they should pray away their gay I would say something. I want that individual to know that he or she is an important part of a community that loves them just as they are.

Apparently Larry Tomczak has updated his mini-bio. He now claims that he is “a public policy advisor with Liberty Counsel.” I am shocked that someone like him would be associated with an anti-LGBT hate group.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.