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Jennifer Roback Morse, a rabid anti-LGBT bigot

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According to an email from Jennifer Roback Morse leader of Ruth Institute, an anti-LGBT hate group, she would be happier if we all went back into the closet:

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with being spoon-fed “gay pride” for the entire month of June. I’m fed up with companies like American Airlines with a rainbow on their tail, “virtue-signalling” their “political correctness.” They pretend to not know that millions of people have been harmed by the s*xual revolution, including the LGBT sub-culture.

Associating something that she disapproves of — the sexual revolution — with people she disapproves of — LGBT folks — is a standard trope for Morse. Also standard is the manufacturing of millions of supposed victims. I have no clue why she felt unable to write the word “sexual.” She has never had any problem writing “homosexual.”

There is a reason that this thing is deemed a hate group:

At the Ruth Institute, we’re standing up for the victims and survivors of the S*xual Revolution. In today’s article, I show how the mainstream media ignores and marginalizes people who have been harmed by their own, or their loved ones’, participation in the LGBT sub-culture. Read all about it in “Media celebrating ‘Gay Pride’ month ignore victims of the S*xual Revolution.”

“Today’s article” is actually from three weeks ago. It is offensive and has been mirrored at numerous anti-LGBT sites. I wrote about it earlier this month. It begins:

June has been declared “Pride Month,” and we’re supposed to celebrate those “coming out” and living a “gay” life.

June 12 will mark the third anniversary of the Pulse gay nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 dead. Some will no doubt connect those two things to claim America hates people who have same-sex attraction and to make new demands for affirmation of homosexuality.

Morse doesn’t get to use the Pulse massacre to make a political point. I find it outrageous.

Returning to the email, Morse endorses a Christian cultist:

One person refusing to be silent is Elizabeth Woning, the former lesbian pastor who spoke at our recent Survivors’ Summit.

Out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, Woning runs a pray-away-the-gay operation; Equipped to Love. She is lining her pockets with false promises. Woning is just a common grifter.

In order to teach a few people how to mimic heterosexuality, Woning is willing to harm many people. Perhaps Ms. Woning can show that she is not a con artist with full disclosure including financial records. Unless she proves otherwise, then, in my estimation, she is just a thief neatly cloaked in scripture. Jennifer Roback Morse doesn’t care because Woning says things that Morse likes.

Bethel Church runs healing rooms. Some are at remote locations and connected through video. Bethel claims (or at least implies) that through their efforts and prayer they can cure cancer and all manner of ailments. The blind have become sighted and so on. Their gay-to-straight alchemy is just an extension of their routine fraud. And they don’t even have to file an annual report with the Internal Revenue Service.

Woning states flatly “women are the victims of conversion-therapy bans.” At the urging of generously financed advocacy organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, 16 states and the District of Columbia prohibit mental health professionals from therapy that attempts to change their patients’ sexual orientation.

I would guarantee that Bethel Church has revenues dwarfing those of HRC. It operates out of a $100 million campus. They have a television network and world-class video conferencing facilities. Several church members are on the Redding city council. Last year, the church donated $500,000 to the city and shortly thereafter received approval for a new campus in spite of dozens of formally submitted citizen concerns. Between what we know and their website, Bethel Church reminds me of Scientology.

Victims? People who buy into pray-the-gay-away enterprises are victims of an ineffective process that is harmful. “Refusing to be silent” means promoting snake oil for Woning’s personal gain. Morse goes on to promote one of Woning’s websites:

Nothing says Defender of the Faith like advocating for a scammer. Speaking of scams, Morse goes on to advertise a Ruth Institute book ($18.00):

Can a person leave homos*xuality?

Finding themselves attracted to the same s*x, or uncertain of their gender, the men and women featured in this book took unusual paths of self-discovery that led to transformation.

Read their vulnerable, authentic and sometimes raw accounts of hope and prosperity. Get your copy of Changed here.

Morse goes on to refer to herself as “Dr. J.” as if she is warm and cuddly (her doctorate, by the way, is in economics). There is nothing nice about Jennifer Roback Morse. She is a vicious woman and religious fanatic whose favorite theme is rabid anti-LGBT bigotry. Morse was even too crazy for Brian S. Brown resulting in Ruth’s merger with National Organization for Marriage being dissolved.

It takes some doing to out-batshit Mr. Brown.

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