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Trans Woman Hunter Schafer plays Jules Vaughn on HBO’s Euphoria

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The religious right are obsessed with HBO’s Euphoria. The show provides a view of high school students as they deal with drugs, sex and other issues. One of the more interesting aspects of the show is the debut of Hunter Schafer. Schafer, a transgender woman, is an LGBTQ activist and model. Her fully supportive father, Mac Schafer, is a pastor and head of staff at Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC.

Enter Lindsay Kornick who writes for L. Brent Bozell III’s Media Research Center. Ms. Kornick’s critically important “research” includes the number of penises displayed on episodes of Euphoria which requires watching the show with intense focus and a keen eye for detail.

Kornick’s headlines:

  • June 17: HBO’s Newest Sex Drama ‘Euphoria’ Premieres With Statutory Rape of Trans Teen
  • June 24: Teen Sex Drama Showcases More Than a Dozen Penises
  • July 1: HBO Sex Drama Introduces Teen Cam Girl and 28 More Penises

How many viewings were required for Kornick to count the cocks? Personally I do not have TiVo but this demonstrates just how handy it can be.

Predictably, Lindsay Kornick is incapable of writing about the show without some anti-transgender bigotry:

But the worst part of the episode is Jules’ statutory rape. You see, the underage transgender Jules is attracted to older men and finds men online to have sex with “her” by claiming that she’s actually 22.

It is simply her Ms. Kornick, without the quotes. Civil people understand that. Polite people understand that. People who are not obsessed with Bronze Age texts of dubious provenance understand that. Ms. Schafer has accomplished more in her 22 years of age than Kornick is likely to accomplish in a lifetime.

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