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Just to be clear, Dr. Michael Brown is not an MD. He has a Ph.D. in literature. Today’s merry contribution from Brown is titled: The Great Transgender ‘Awokening.’ It is another example of the same nitwits making the same idiotic arguments denigrating transgender people because the existence of transgender people creates a conflict with scripture (according to the arguers).

It’s not a very original argument:

The great enemy of the radical transgender movement is science. Biological realities can be stubborn, and no amount of human tampering can change those realities.

The very definition of hackneyed combined with the logical fallacy of straw man: We are all radical activists. No transgender person believes that they have altered their chromosomes. Every transgender person knows their natal sex. No transgender person attempts, in any way, to “tamper” with their natal sex.

Medical science has clearly, overwhelmingly and unambiguously determined that gender is a separate construct from natal sex. Attempting to avoid what is a scientific fact with an irrelevant argument about biology is moronic.

When it comes to compassion, we have plenty of that.

Fuck your compassion!

  • No one solicits it.
  • No transgender person needs it.
  • It is insincere.

Being transgender is not easy. There are no volunteers. There is no alternative to abate the effects of gender incongruence. The condition causes significant distress. Michael Brown and his ilk only add to their suffering. We all get it, Mr. Brown. You have a religious objection which is not shared by many clerics. On behalf of your god you do violence to transgender people daily. It might not be physical violence but it is violence.

True compassion requires Dr. Michael Brown to accept medical science and to treat people accordingly. He is unwilling to do so. Dr. Michael Brown chooses to be an ignoramus.

Rinse — Repeat the same imbecilic argument:

We want to see people freed from their internal pain. We want to see them find resolution for the emotional torment they’re experiencing. We want our friends and co-workers and family members, especially our children, to be happy.

But no amount of compassion can change biological and chromosomal realities, and that is why the transgender movement is starting to hit a wall. Science is against it.

Dr. Michael Brown is undermining his own argument. Were this strictly a matter of biology then no person would ever have gender dysphoria which means that there would be no transgender people. “[B]iological and chromosomal realities” is an abysmally stupid argumentum ad ignorantiam.

Now, physicians in England are speaking up.

As the Daily Mail reported on July 6, “The Royal College of General Practitioners [RCGP] has issued an unprecedented warning over NHS treatments for children which pave the way for a sex change.”

Yes, “In a powerfully worded ‘position statement’, the highly influential RCGP says there is a lack of ‘robust evidence’ about the long-term effects of ‘puberty blockers’ that stop the body maturing, and cross-sex hormones.

None of that is on the RCGP website. Unlike Brown I have the curiosity to read the source. Furthermore that is in direct conflict with a statement that is on their website (dated June, 2019). It is titled Transgender Care:

The Royal College of GPs recognises that GPs are not experienced in treating and managing patients with gender dysphoria and trans health issues. Gender dysphoria and gender identity issues are not part of the GP curriculum or GP Specialty Training, and GPs are currently required to refer patients experiencing gender dysphoria to gender identity specialists for further assessment and treatment advice.

The words “puberty blocker” (which Brown puts in quotes) are not to be found. The statement — in context — calls for more research and it is not phrased as a “warning:”

The significant lack of evidence for treatments and interventions which may be offered to
people with dysphoria is a major issue facing this area of healthcare. There are also
differences in the types and stages of treatment for patients with gender dysphoria depending
on their age or stage of life. Gonadorelin (GnRH) analogues [puberty blockers] are one of the main types of
treatment for young people with gender dysphoria. These have long been used to treat young
children who start puberty too early, however less is known about their long-term safety in
transgender adolescents. Children who have been on GnRH for a certain period of time and
are roughly 16 years of age can be offered cross-sex hormones by the NHS, the effects of
which can be irreversible. There is a significant lack of robust, comprehensive evidence
around the outcomes, side effects and unintended consequences of such treatments for
people with gender dysphoria, particularly children and young people, which prevents GPs
from helping patients and their families in making an informed decision.

Which is why, in accordance with the first quoted section, GPs need to refer patients to specialists with more knowledge. There is nothing new in the above paragraph. Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy (UCSF) is one of those specialists and she puts the above in context:

Gender-affirming care for transgender youth is a young and rapidly evolving field. In the absence of solid evidence, providers often must rely on the expert opinions of innovators and thought leaders in the field; many of these expert opinions are expressed in this youth guideline.

Get it? Someone like Dr. Olson-Kennedy has the experience to balance risks and benefits. The development of breast tissue in a trans boy, for example, might cause catastrophic distress putting his very life at risk.

Returning to Dr. Michael Brown’s BS

Do we really know the long-term effects of puberty-blockers on children? Are we totally sure that a 15-year-old girl can make an informed choice about having a mastectomy? (According to one report, “Some physicians in the United States are performing double mastectomies on healthy 13-year-old girls.”)

A mastectomy requires parental consent so it is not the decision of a teenage transgender boy. As for 13-year-olds, Brown links to a story in CBN which cites an essay in the Federalist which cites a supposed AMA study — none of which are linked. Common sense indicates that the best way to avoid mastectomies is probably the administration of puberty blockers. Again, qualified clinicians balancing risks with benefits.

Does anyone still maintain possession of a kitchen sink?

“Most of the youngsters undergoing the transformation are autistic, according to a teacher there, who said vulnerable children with mental health problems were being ‘tricked’ into believing they are the wrong sex.”

Indeed, “The Mail on Sunday revealed that a third of youngsters referred to the NHS’s only gender identity clinic for children showed ‘moderate to severe autistic traits.’

The Daily Mail tabloid is not a purveyor of peer-reviewed research. According to an article in Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, there is no link between autism and gender dysphoria. But suppose there is. What difference would that make in the treatment of adolescent gender incongruence?

Brown continues with the usual litany of trans girls competing in sports. We end up at Joseph Nicolosi’s son:

And on my broadcast this week, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. (whose father’s books have been banned by Amazon) said that one thing that will heavily impact transgender activism in its tracks is the many, major lawsuits that will be launched against medical practitioners in the years to come.

There will be a lot of patient’s remorse, leading to serious complaints of medical malpractice. Are these doctors today really sure about what they are doing, especially to children?

The dead crackpot created a live crackpot who, apparently, is also a fortune teller. It’s all self-serving crap. Doctors have been treating transgender people in this country for about a century. Where are all the lawsuits? I have searched and cannot find so much as one. They could exist but none of the religious cranks seem to be able to cite any. The research that I have seen suggests a considerable amount of patient satisfaction.

What does Crackpot, Jr. know about gender dysphoria. He has a Ph.D. from Chicago School of Professional Psychology which some people consider a diploma mill. Overall, it has a terrible reputation. Crackpot, Jr.’s field is addiction. He is the clinical director of an addiction center which treats most of its patients via Skype. Very professional indeed. Four thou for three months.

Dr. Michael Brown concludes his diatribe:

I do not know who coined the phrase a “great awokening,” but when it comes to transgender activism, the awokening is at hand.

Those who claim to be the most woke might be in for the biggest surprise.

Sure, because of a passage in Genesis where his god created men and women. Sure.

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By David Cary Hart

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