Evil, eviler, evilest. Evil, evil and more evil!

Bert Farias
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Conspiracy theorist, Bert Farias, has a vivid imagination. He has self-righteous books to sell and crappy sanctimonious videos for you to see. Friday, Mr. Farias offers up: The Corruption of American Christianity and the Evil Agenda to Destroy America. Therein, Farias has some interesting information; things that I did not know including:

How the Left Operates

The left operates through the “peace” movement, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the women’s movement, the labor movement and so forth, and they’ve infiltrated the church … what is most shocking and disturbing is the heavy penetration into the evangelical churches over the last few years, including Southern Baptists … organizations like World Vision have also been co-opted by the leftist movement. What’s interesting is that the left-wing Maoist press used to hate World Vision … but now they love them and are partnering with them. Hmmm.

“Hmmm!” Farias does not inform us what comprises the “left-wing Maoist press” because it does not exist. We see a great deal of hyperbole being spouted these days, churned up, in part, by our gaslighter-in-chief. Progressive evils are mindlessly described as socialist. In point of fact, socialism requires control of production by the state. Even Bernie Sanders is not really a socialist. Nevertheless, socialism is an economic system.

The folks who call everything that they disagree with socialist are quick to conflate socialism with communism, often stated as Marxism. In this case, Farias cluelessly uses “Maoist.” Of course communism is a system of government. The evilest of the evil press is probably the New York Times. The New York Times Co. (NYSE:NYT) is a publicly traded company with a market cap of $5.8 billion and annual profits of $125 million on revenues of about $1.7 billion. Those financial details do not define a “Maoist” enterprise.

CNN, by the way, is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting which is owned by WarnerMedia which is owned by the Marxist AT&T. You did know that AT&T is a Marxist company, right? Perhaps Farias has different outlets in mind.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com. He sure as hell is no commie.

The evil Jew and so on:

Furthermore, within the Gospel Coalition and Southern Baptist Convention, there have been many findings of George Soros direct-linked funds and ties to people within these organizations. I know it’s hard for some to believe, but doing your own research will prove this out. For example, Jim Wallis is one who is tied to him and has attempted to make homosexuality more acceptable and mainstream—all funded by Soros, an atheist. He is a complete evil menace to true Christianity, and churches should have nothing to do with him.

I am not sure whether or not the “complete evil menace” refers to George Soros or Jim Wallis. Exactly how Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners is “tied” to George Soros is not described by Farias.

I can tell you that Sojourners has never received financial support from Soros’ Open Society Foundations. What was that about “doing your own research?” In addition to reviewing the most recent 990 filed with the IRS, Open Society Foundations provides a means of searching its database which provides current and historical information about every grant.

Apparently, anyone who disagrees with Farias is an “evil menace.” That would include most liturgical protestant adherents, clergy and churches. Not all Christians are batshit crazy over human sexuality. Most Christians have reconciled their faith with medical science when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. According to Farias, those people are all evil and they are all menaces.

The conspiracy:

Of course, true Christians would say that they want nothing to do with Soros, but again what they don’t understand is that the method Soros and his minions use is to utilize people that the Christian community knows, respects and trusts. Name recognition is a large part of their deception to subvert and co-opt people of faith.

The question, of course, is how “Soros and his minions” get respected and trusted Christians to cooperate. Mr. Farias doesn’t explain that part. Isn’t it great that Mr. Farias educates so many people; correcting what “they don’t understand?”

From Maoist to Marxist:

Some professing Christians are interested in global warming, ending white privilege, supporting Black Lives Matter and more. What they fail to realize is these are all Marxist-type programs, and the word constructs they use have nothing to do with the gospel or the kingdom of God. This is how they are gradually moving these Christians and American voters to the left, which will end up destroying this country …

Climate change (or global warming) is a scientific fact. White privilege does seem to exist in some aspects of our society and Black Lives Matter is a response to the senseless murders of black men by police around the country. What does any of that have to do with Marxism?

It seems to me that attempting to convince people that socially progressive initiatives are Marxist does more harm to the country than those initiatives could ever do. Farias is promoting a lie and it is polarizing. It is why conservative Christianity is increasingly viewed as at the fringes of American society. It is also why conservative Christians are sometimes viewed as hypocrites. They will lie whenever it is convenient to do so regardless of religious duties to be honest.

I would argue that people like Bert Farias are doing the damage that they blame on others.

About the conspirators:

… their pace has quickened since President Trump’s election, and it’s easy to see how they’ve ramped up and doubled down on their efforts. They’ve gotten more brazen, too and are getting away with much more, like telling Christians not to be political and that they don’t need to be in a two party system. The more righteous votes they can take away from us the better it will serve their global socialist agenda.

I still don’t know who “they” are (other than George Soros). I also do not see who benefits from a “global socialist agenda.” Farias likes to just fling the turds against the wall. Some of the malodorous substance might stick. More if he made a whit of sense. None of this is terribly logical.

The pernicious:

The people of the left are quite adept at co-opting and twisting language and terminology to make them mean something different. One of the things they are trying to do now is redefine what pro-life is. They’re now saying that it doesn’t mean you oppose abortion or the protection of the unborn, but that it is equivalent to taking care of the poor. I kid you not. I had a discussion recently on Facebook with a young, naive Christian woman who was saying the same thing.

Mr. Farias is not terribly smart. What people are pointing out is the hypocrisy of anti-abortion fanaticism while not uttering a peep about things like Kids-in-Cages. They are obsessed with the plight of a fertilized egg at conception but display for less concern for the lives of real people once those real people are hatched.

Pointing that out is not to redefine pro-life which is really anti-choice. These same zealots are not concerned about the right of a woman to have domain over her own body. Yet, they champion the manufactured right of a florist to not sell flowers destined for a same-sex wedding when the florist is defying duly enacted laws.

Redefining sexuality — of course:

Homosexuality is also being redefined now as same-sex attracted Christians and not LBGT. This is another one of the liberal left’s efforts to ramp up acceptance of homosexuality in churches.

The only people who refer to gay people as “same-sex attracted” are conservative Christians. They do so because they do not believe that gay people exist as people.

Commies, commies and more commies:

It’s not just the liberals who are doing this but others who are connected to hard-core Marxists and communists like Jim Wallis. You can trace these operations back to the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists of America, who have people planted in high positions throughout many theological seminaries. There are also several black pastors who are members of the religious commission of the Communist Party USA.

Jim Wallis is not a communist. This is all just crazy conspiracy theorization. Not of it can be supported by evidence.

Bert Farias is an easy target. He is stupid, dishonest and crazy (and I have skipped over much of the content). However, Farias does have a constituency.

Without an iota of evidence, Farias can convince a fair number of people of every utterance no matter how idiotic and irrational. Peer-reviewed research has determined that once people embrace a conspiracy theory they almost never desist.


And now a correction: I have stated repeatedly that matching fund schemes are a scam. Many are and I continue to believe that Brian S. Brown’s promotion of matching funds for National Organization for Marriage is dishonest. However, I now know that there are some legitimate matching fund grants. I know this because, in perusing the 445 pages of grants distributed by Soros’s foundation in 2017, I see quite a few described as matching fund contributions. I was wrong and I am sorry.

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