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Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

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Heritage Foundation’s blog has become an outlet for hate group leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council. On Thursday Perkins writes: New York State, Which Celebrated Abortion Extremism, Outlaws Declawing Cats.

For the record, I do not like cats. I have never owned a cat and I never will own a cat. However, reproductive rights and laws which prevent animals from eventually being crippled are unrelated.

According to Mr. Perkins:

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems incredibly concerned with animal cruelty. But when it comes to newborn babies? Not so much.

The man behind the infamous light display for infanticide has apparently decided that it’s mean to declaw cats. Dismembering tiny humans, on the other hand, gets a hearty standing ovation.

For starters, abortion is not infanticide. It is a claim that has been tediously repeated without being truthful. A fetus is not an infant. The Reproductive Health Act was enacted out of fear that rights afforded under Roe v. Wade might be eroded. The act ensure that women can continue to make personal healthcare decisions and medical professionals can provide crucial services without fear of criminal penalty. In effect, Roe v. Wade has been codified into New York State law.

It is true that One World Trade Center was lit in pink to celebrate the bill’s passage. It was not a celebration of abortion but of women’s rights. According to the law, abortion is legal under three circumstances:

  1. The abortion occurs before the end of the 24th week of the pregnancy or;
  2. The abortion is “necessary to protect the patient’s life or health” or;
  3. There is an absence of “fetal viability.”

The first two are already guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. The third circumstance occurs if a woman learns late in pregnancy that the fetus would be unable to survive outside of the womb.

Apparently Mr. Perkins is distressed that a woman is not required to carry to term a pregnancy that will be DOA because that is the only variance from current federal law. I suppose that the woman is supposed to pray for a miracle.

Dead babies — of course:

Funny, he [Gov. Cuomo] didn’t seem to mind the inhumanity of leaving a perfectly healthy newborn abortion survivor to die—or the “cruel and painful procedure” that literally rips a living child to pieces.

The Christian right often speaks of “abortion survivors.” In point of fact, killing a baby is a homicide in every state of the union. The simple fact is that 98.7% of abortions are performed within 21 weeks of gestation. In my home state of Florida there were 70,083 abortions in 2018. Only two were in the third trimester.

There were six born-alive abortions. It is unknown how many of those were viable but they all received medical care. The same would be true in New York. There are no whimsical late-term abortions. People like Perkins should stop suggesting otherwise.

Repeating the absurd comparison:

Unlike kittens, babies don’t survive that inhumanity. Which is apparently just fine with this governor of double standards.

It is not a double standard. The Christian right calls reproductive rights advocates “pro-abortion,” often shortened to “pro-aborts.” It is dishonest. No one is a proponent of abortion. No one promotes abortion. At issue are women’s rights which means control over their own bodies. It is largely men who say that women should not have that control.

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