Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs

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Every day, I look at my RSS feed from The Federalist with amazement. Zack Ford once tweeted that nothing is too awful for The Federalist and he is correct.

Today’s stupid comes from someone named Christopher Jacobs, an anti-single payer warrior who has held a number of positions with a number of conservative organizations including Heritage Foundation. Mr. Jacobs asks: Joe Biden Says He Loves Medicare And Obamacare. So Why Did He Deliberately Avoid Paying Taxes For Them?

The subtitle reads:

How can Joe Biden claim to defend Obamacare—let alone Medicare—when he created a tax strategy specifically to avoid paying taxes that fund those two programs?

Mildly stupid is the idea that personal tax strategies have anything to do with public policy. Furthermore, while the Bidens did take a sizeable amount of income as a distribution from S corporations, avoiding some self-employment taxes, they also took $800,000 in salary and paid the same withholding taxes as everyone else. That covers social security and Medicare. The Bidens saved a considerable amount of money (about $490 thou). Mazel tov.

Spectacularly stupid is bringing this up at all. Assuming that Biden is the Democratic candidate he will face a man who refuses to release his tax returns. Presumably Mr. Jacobs is a Trump supporter.  Trump promised to release his returns upon conclusion of an audit. Then he said something to the effect that he won so what would be the point? Trump had no intention of ever making his tax returns public and he will not make them public in 2020.

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