The decision that tech companies have made is not to be enablers and purveyors of bigotry. That is not censorship.

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On July 22, 2019 LifeSiteNews (LSN) announced that it was incorporated into Apple News. The next day I, and presumably a number of other people, contacted Apple to inform them that LSN is not compliant with Apple News’ terms of service. Indeed, I suspect that LSN will be deemed an anti-LGBT hate group by year’s end. After all, MassResistance, Linda Harvey, Peter LaBarbera and other odious actors are regular contributors.

Late Thursday they posted: BREAKING: Apple News bans LifeSite without warning: says it ‘shows intolerance.’ The very notion that they deserve a warning is a source of amusement. After some “poor us:”

Apple claimed that LifeSite’s channel “didn’t comply with our Apple News guidelines.” Specifically, they stated that LifeSite’s “[c]hannel content shows intolerance towards a specific group.”

Sounds about right.

Apple’s e-mail provided no details about which content they deemed offensive, or which “specific group” LifeSite’s content allegedly showed intolerance towards.

LifeSite has reached out to Apple News for further details about their decision, which we intend to appeal.

Appeal? What? Are they going to remove all of the posts about perverted “homosexuals” and sick “gender confused” people? How about their obsession with Drag Queen Story Hour which really says that gay men pose a danger to young children? What would be left of the site if they did remove that content? Do they really need further details?

More poor us combined with bewilderment:

“We don’t yet know the reason for Apple’s decision to delete our channel,” said LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen. “However, at a time when there is growing evidence that tech juggernauts are engaging in concerted censorship against even mainstream conservative viewpoints, Apple’s decision – made unilaterally, and without opportunity to appeal – is frightening.”

Mainstream? Here are some of Thursday’s headlines:

  • Virginia GOP will not censure state rep who officiated at same-sex ‘wedding’
  • Ex-‘trans man’ wants the world to know that social media fuels kids’ decision to change sex
  • Backlash: Drag Queen Story Hour proves detrimental to libraries seeking increased funding
  • Activist Mommy’s truly awesome idea to push back on ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’
  • California lawmakers suggest religious are to blame for LGBT suicides
  • Mario Lopez apologizes for telling parents not to raise confused boys as girls

Then there is this source of wisdom: Apple and Tim Cook need to stop being so liberal and find their patriotism. The subtitle is … special:

Editor’s note: Apple has been corporately aggressively supportive of abortion and LGBT tyranny. That is why this story should be of interest to LifeSite’s readers.

“LGBT tyranny?” And they have the balls to claim wonderment? They are obsessed with LGBT people and defending the faith is not an acceptable excuse. This supposed victimization of conservatives is nonsense. The decision that tech companies have made is not to be enablers and purveyors of bigotry. That is not censorship.

No one has ever been suspended from Twitter for their idiotic “pizza-gate” tweets accusing Hillary Clinton of running a pedophile ring. I would wager that there are ample YouTube videos claiming that certain Democrats are Marxists. Tech has drawn a line in the sand. Efforts to demean or marginalize a sexual minority are not tolerated. Those are the rules.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.