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According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group: The LGBTQ agenda in kids’ programming is deliberate. It is deliberate in an effort to promote respect for diversity but that’s not what AFA has in mind:

Homosexual characters and story lines are showing up more and more often in children’s programming – and in the process usurping the rights of parents to determine if, when, and how they want their children to be hear about the topic of sexual orientation.

I hate to tell them but television in general usurps parental rights. Advertisers, for example, promote products that parents disapprove of or cannot afford to buy. In this case what AFA is effectively saying is that parental consent is required in order to tell children the simple truth that gay people exist.

In a report on Wednesday, The Associated Press makes the case that the “bandwagon [is building] for LGBTQ diversity” in television programs targeting youngsters. AP highlighted the new Hulu animated children’s series The Bravest Knight in which the character of ten-year-old “Nia” has two dads (see image). Voice actor Wilson Cruz – an openly homosexual man – plays the part of one of the dads.

These idiots cannot help themselves. The sexual orientation of Wilson Cruz is irrelevant. Here is how Mr. Cruz explains the inclusion of a gay character (in the first paragraph of the same article that AFA’s Jody Brown and Steve Jordahl are quoting from):

Wilson Cruz, a co-star in the new Hulu animated children’s series “The Bravest Knight,” describes the show’s dad couple this way: “We’re not explaining homosexuality, or same-gender sexuality. We’re talking about the love of a family.”

Did they read that? Do they not accept that explanation? Or are they fear mongering? They do manage to quote the following:

“If we want to change the world and we want to make the world a better place, it starts at the threshold of our homes,” Cruz stated in an interview about the series.

You just know how the above will piss off the religious blockheads who read this stuff. And it is a conspiracy:

Greater representation of the “gay” community in the industry is intentional. According to the AP report, GLAAD – a prominent LGBTQ advocacy group – has been working “behind the scenes” to get LGBTQ writers and producers into “positions of influence” in the children’s TV community.

Why is the word gay within quotation marks? So are behind the scenes and positions of influence. If they are quoting GLAAD they are doing so without a link. The intent is to suggest a surreptitious effort on the part of evil homosexuals.

Monica Cole of OneMillionMoms says that influence is a growing trend in children’s programming. “Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, and PBS Kids have all recently included same-sex parents or the young characters themselves involved with a same-sex attraction,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Cole says she’s hearing from Christian families across the country who would like to be in charge of appropriate and biblically based discussions about sex with their kids.

They often trot out the imbecilic Ms. Cole when AFA claims that children are being placed in danger by LGBTQ people. Truth is almost always what is appropriate. Gay people exist and they are part of families. The kids might have classmates who have gay parents. “[B]iblically based” means religious dogma that has little or no relationship to truth.

What they mean is that this programming interferes with telling children that gay people are evil perverts. What they really object to is the positive depiction of gay people. A helping of the usual BS:

“Many parents feel that it’s their responsibility and their choice, of course, of the timing when they discuss a mature topic,” she explains. “… Then the parents are able to sit down and have a conversation with the child, depending on their maturity level and their age.

“[However], the networks take it upon themselves to introduce children to these controversial topics.”

There is nothing controversial about the existence of gay people. Networks are not teaching the kids how to have oral and anal sex. Were they presenting a negative depiction of gay people you can be sure that all of a sudden the material is age appropriate. “Most boys love girls. Some boys love other boys.” Where is the travesty?

I told you that Cole is an idiot:

It’s unfortunate, she says, that unless families just unplug their television, the indoctrinating content is getting harder and harder to avoid.

The only indoctrination is teaching kids to be nice to people who are different. What is the problem? I hope that kids learn that the leader of the world’s largest company (Apple) is a gay man. Eventually in elementary school they might learn that a gay man (Alan Turing) was instrumental in winning a war or about the many contributions of astrophysicist and astronaut Sally Ride, a lesbian.

Just to guarantee that people know that the folks at AFA are moronic bigots:

OneNewsNow reported in May that a recent episode of the long-running PBS children’s series Arthur featured the lead character and his classmates attending a same-sex “wedding” involving their school teacher. And Cole’s group recently took issue with Disney for including a subtle nod to “gay marriage” in Toy Story 4.

What I want to know is how many straight kids were turned gay. I demand separate statistics for Arthur and Toy Story 4.

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