Rabbi Yehuda Levin is known as the “smelly rabbi” because of his public opposition to brushing teeth and bathing. 

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This week MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group, is taking credit for an organized protest of a Pride event which took place two months ago. The protest was organized by a demented Orthodox rabbi.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Brooklyn, NY has been an outspoken anti-gay bigot for at least 35 years. Levin has blamed gays for hurricanes and earthquakes. Levin has claimed that marriage equality kills Jews (personally, I have never felt endangered). Levin also claims that black people are cursed. By the way, Levin stinks. He is known in Brooklyn as the “smelly rabbi” because of his public opposition to brushing teeth and taking baths.

Levin should worry about his own house. Pedophilia is rampant throughout Brooklyn’s Orthodox community. Rabbinical “omerta” prevails.

MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group in Waltham, Massachusetts (about 11 miles east of Boston), is a collection of unsuccessful misfits and cranks who enjoy negative attention. The alternative for these social disposables is to receive no attention at all. I am loathe to write about MassResistance because doing so feeds their collective personality disorder.

In Lakewood, NJ, the BlueClaws — the Philadelphia Phillies’ Class A affiliate — celebrated LGBTQ Pride Month on Saturday, June 8, with Pride Night. The event was co-sponsored by Coca Cola. The team handed out rainbow-colored hats and had a fireworks display.

On or about June 2 Yehuda Levin called upon the Orthodox community to protest the event. Followers littered Lakewood with a bizarre flier which could have been written by Mat Staver’s Jewish doppelgänger on an opiate hangover. The flier called the Pride event an “abomination” that will victimize “young innocent children.” Whoever wrote the thing seems to believe that a private company must get the approval of the city council for events within its own space.

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Those young, innocent children who were in danger were presumably accompanied by adults who chose to be there. Yehuda Levin presumes to make a decision for others who do not share his maniacal views.

A few weeks later Levin organized a protest of the Lakewood public library. Apparently what offended him and others was unfiltered Internet access from the library’s public computers and, of course, the Library’s Pride Month display.

That brings me back to MassResistance. About two months after the BlueClaws event and a month after the Lakewood library protest, they are taking credit — along with the nutty rabbi — for the anti-gay festivities. I honestly do not understand why anyone would want to take credit for two failed protests (they accomplished nothing). Two failed protests displaying the kind of unhinged rhetoric that would embarrass normal, even marginally rational people.

According to MassResistance: New Jersey MassResistance chapter – run by local Orthodox Jews – taking on the LGBT agenda in their city! They are claiming to have a new chapter in New Jersey. Seriously, Yehuda Levin has been doing this for a very, very long time. He does not require assistance from MassResistance to display his crazy bigotry. The subtitle of this mess is:

Three recent protests – sending strong pro-family message!
Christian churches also a big part of local action.

The only message that they sent was: “We are psychotic.”

The second event that they are taking credit for was at the Lakewood library. MassResistance claims that 110 people showed up. I count six (plus the cop):

The moron on the left thinks he is clever.

The third action that they are taking credit for was one Orthodox Jew protesting a political event by another Orthodox Jew (Illinois State Representative Yehiel Mark Kalish) who supported marriage equality and who supports LGBT rights.

Kalish, an ordained rabbi was helping NJ Assemblyman Gary Schaer’s re-election campaign. Schaer is endorsed by Garden State Equality.

You would think that the MassResistance “chapter” would lend some support so that the poor schmuck who was protesting wasn’t alone. Here he is in all his glory:

This idiot should at least have a decent sign with proper punctuation. It seems to be absent a MassResistance logo.

These days MassResistance, headed by Brian Camenker, is obsessed with Drag Queen Story Hour. In the final analysis it is a means of claiming that gay men pose a danger to children. It makes even less sense because they are trying to make decisions for the parents who want to bring their children to an event promoting the library, reading and the idea that people are not bad just because they are different.

They conclude the subject post with this bit of mania:

Final thoughts

Orthodox Jews believe that it’s important to fight back against immoral attacks on one’s community, even if the odds are stacked against you. They also believe that one must not shy away from telling the truth. We absolutely agree. And from what we’ve seen, that attitude and approach always brings positive results in some way, despite what you are up against.

The idea that a Pride Month event is an attack on anyone’s community is ridiculous. No one was forced to attend a minor league baseball game, the library or that political fundraiser. I do not know what Brian Camenker thinks is “the truth” but I do know that he is insanely homophobic — intensely paranoid of LGBTQ people.

My usual snark is that someone needs a new hobby. Mr. Camenker clearly needs something else. Hopefully it will be another two months before I write about MassResistance again.

I seem to have run out of synonyms for batshit,

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