Monday, according to Washington Times columnist, Cheryl K. Chumley: Gun-carry rights must be strengthened, expanded. Yeah, sure. My personal experience is that no amount of weaponry in my possession would have prevented being shot in the back, point-blank with a .45.

For the rest of my life I will be paying a price for that interaction. So when one of the village idiots, among the most idiotic from Idiot Village, parrots the NRA by calling for more guns I get a tad, … annoyed.

According to Chumley:

… banning “assault weapons,” like The New York Post begged, or even completely gutting the Second Amendment and reeling back right-to-carry authorities vested in the people — like Democrats want — aren’t solutions. They’re desperate acts of political expediency, in most cases, that won’t accomplish anything save arming the evil, and disarming the innocent.


But in the immediate: What’s needed are more right-to-carry laws in schools, in churches, in government buildings — in all the areas those with intent to harm are well aware are currently Gun Free Zones, i.e. Sitting Duck Zones, in the minds of the would-be killers.

Right because the solution is to have teachers shooting over the heads of children in schools. The notion of “sitting duck zones” is so spectacularly stupid as to defy rationale. It is the ridiculous notion that gun violence is encouraged where there are fewer guns.

School shootings do not occur because schools have fewer guns. They occur because people are pissed off. They become deranged and the presence of firepower will not deter crazy people. In fact they might even encourage crazy people who want to kill people and then die.

It is just common sense that more guns means greater potential for gun violence. And who the hell are more armed than Texans? That didn’t stop the latest shooter.

Here’s why: Statistics from law enforcement show it takes several minutes — as many as five — for police to respond to the scene of an active shooter.

Under stress police miss their targets most of the time. A gunfight at the OK Corral is likely to increase the injuries to innocent people. Yahooie.

What works is this, as reported by The Washington Post in mid-2017: “An Ohio judge was shot on Monday morning outside his courthouse in what authorities called an ambush attack that ended when the judge and a probation officer returned fire, killing the attacker.”

The judge was still shot and it is common sense that the area around a courthouse is going to be filled with armed law enforcement personnel. The presence of weapons did not deter the shooter in any way whatsoever. The only reason that the judge is not dead is the incompetent aim of the shooter. It makes more sense to disarm crazy people.

If right-to-carry laws were expanded, not crimped, not impeded, not infringed, no doubt many of those killed during these tragic shootings taking place around America, in the schools, in our places of business and gathering and worshipping, would still be alive.

“No doubt?” Weekend events in Texas and her own cited case in Ohio demonstrate that the presence of guns does not deter shooters. The idea that someone in a crowded Walmart could kill a gunman in the act and prevent others from being shot without inflicting more damage on innocent people is ridiculous.

Ms. Chumley is just reciting the mindless talking points of the NRA. Gun worship is claiming thousands of lives in America.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.