Trans youth need our full support

Women’s Liberation Front does not seem to do anything other than attack transgender people. Natasha Clark, who claims to be the board chair of WoLF, has five posts at The Federalist attempting to marginalize trans folks. Monday’s offering is no different: While They Openly Support Maiming Children, LGBT Activists Claim Criticizing Them Kills Trans People. Oh, do tell.

Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, claimed that Mario Lopez’s comments expressing concern about parents identifying children as young as three years old as transgender are “dangerous,” “damaging,” and could cause children to “die.”

Here is part of what Mr. Strangio wrote:

Lopez expressed concern over what he called a “dangerous” trend of parents supporting their transgender and gender-nonconforming children. He suggested that parental support could lead to harmful “repercussions” later in life.

The point is that parents should be informed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and not by some television personality “who reads celebrity gossip off a teleprompter.” Moreover, he did not say that expressing concern “could cause children to die.” He wrote:

But the worst that can happen when we reject our children is that they die. And it is not some extreme threat or hyperbolic message of some powerful “trans lobby”: It is the sad truth.


Affirming a child can help ensure that they are not one of the 41 percent of trans people who attempt suicide. Affirming a child is medically recommended and it is our moral obligation as parents.

Criticism of gender-affirming care, no matter how idiotic, does not kill children but parents who might favor that criticism over professional advice could very well endanger their kids. Parents of gender diverse children are particularly vulnerable to crackpot solutions because they would prefer not to have trans children.

What used to happen when children were persistently unhappy in the stereotypical social roles of their sex is that most of them stopped being dysphoric. Until recently, very few such children presented at clinics with significant distress. Most of them were boys, and most grew out of it. Now many more children are presenting with this type of distress, most of them are girls, and most of them persist in their distress until an age where physical intervention is allowed, which most of them then demand.

There are many links within that paragraph to such authoritative sources as Witherspoon Institute’s Blog, Christian Post and, of course, The Federalist. Most children still grow out of gender dysphoria, just as they did in whatever time frame Chart is referring to. Those who are in severe distress do not grow out of it. According to the research, the persistence of gender dysphoria directly correlates to the severity of the condition.

Science has improved its means of diagnosing gender dysphoria and its intensity. As a result, parents are allowing children to transition at earlier ages rather than forcing them to suffer and increasing the potential for self-harm. As those same children approach puberty they may receive puberty blockers. In their later teens they may receive hormones.

Treating children according to best medical practices isn’t “maiming” them anymore than treating juvenile cancers with toxic chemotherapy.

Lopez was right to be worried about parents identifying toddlers as having been “born in the wrong body,” as the typical description goes. Everyone should worry about it, no matter how often demagogic ACLU staff lawyers launch into rants about how the slightest disagreement with them comprises actual murder.

Mr. Lopez is in no position to give advice regarding a child’s sexuality and neither is Ms. Chart who has an agenda. Parents should have gender diverse children evaluated by board certified psychiatrists with experience in this area. They should get a second opinion from an equally qualified clinician. Those practitioners are not only capable of determining the existence of gender incongruity but its intensity as well.

The rest — agenda driven opprobrium — is all bullshit from people without the experience or training to opine on a vitally important matter. The American Academy of Pediatrics has studied the matter and made a professional determination. The AAP’s opinion regarding best practices has nothing to do with politics or so-called activists. The AAP’s only concern is the welfare of children.

Ms. Chart is wed to the notion that transgender women are detrimental to cisgender women. Not affirming the gender of a child in considerable distress would be abusive. We should not abuse children because of some irrational fear.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.