Late Monday I received a missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, titled: Science Deniers. Before I read a single sentence I know that the email will be a dishonest appeal for donations; a money-grubber.

Dishonest because Mr. Brown will claim that the donated money will be used to solve a problem that NOM cannot solve if, in fact, the problem exists at all.

Aside from the inherent dishonesty of the overture, Brown requires testicles the size of beach balls to assert that others are science deniers. (That is the extent of my interest in Brown’s equipment.) Brown is projecting. He firmly believes many things that are at odds with medical science. This is true with respect to human sexuality.

That brings me to the text of Mr. Brown’s email:

The backers of transgender ideology, which is the basis of the grossly misnamed “Equality Act” (HR 5/S 788), claim that a man can be a woman simply by declaring a female “gender identity.” This is a completely false ideology. Its advocates deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that establishes that men and women are different in virtually every aspect of their being.

If one wants to refer to science then let us stay in that realm:

  1. Being transgender is not an “ideology.” It is a response to a medical condition.
  2. The supposed ideology is not the basis for the Equality Act.
  3. People do not “simply declare a gender identity.” A declaration is an emphatic statement; one made by choice. Our gender identity is part of our sexuality. It is entirely involuntary. According to medical science some people (very few) have incongruent gender and natal sex. This is settled science. It is not in dispute. It is not a controversy.
  4. The existence of gender as a separate construct from natal sex is not an ideology, philosophy or doctrine. It is a fact clearly established by medical science.

Scientific realities are frustrating and inconvenient for Mr. Brown because they do not conform to Catholic dogma. Most Catholics understand and accept that reality but Brown is a religious extremist. Brown is capable of easily dismissing evidence while labeling others as science deniers.

Apart from the scientific realities there is the outright lie that people who accept the science surrounding gender deny chromosomal realities. Yes. We all know that men and women are different in many ways. A transgender woman has male chromosomes but, in most respects and for all practical purposes a transgender woman is a woman. Religious ideology does not alter that reality.

As you might expect there are many of these:

Click on that button and realize a page asking what amount of money you want to donate to NOM.

By the way, Brian Brown should take a moment away from sticking his grubby mitts into other people’s pockets and remove that menu item to “Blog.” It has been a dead link for three months. How do you ask for money when simple details are ignored? If they cannot fix their website, what is the likelihood that donations will be well spent?

Brown’s appeal is dishonest in several ways:

  1. The Equality Act is not a real problem. It will not be brought up for a vote in the Senate and if — by some miracle — McConnell allowed a vote it would fail. The White House has also said that Trump would not sign it even if it passed the Senate.
  2. Even if the Equality Act were possible, there is nothing that NOM could do to affect its passage or failure. NOM has neither the staff, organizational skills nor resources to alter the outcome.
  3. Donations will be used to meet current expenses. Brian S. Brown has not disclosed any real mission. The reality is that NOM exists to ask for money so that it can continue to exist in order to ask for money and so on.

Mr. Brown should also spend a few minutes to edit the emails sent in his name (emphasis added):

Aside from the obvious – the physical differences in skeletal, muscular and reproductive systems – below are just a few of the many ways men and women are innately different.

These are just a few of the differences between men and women. There are many dozens of others I could have listed. What they demonstrate is that men and women are not the same; men and women are complimentary. That is how God wired us as human beings.

The list between those two paragraphs seems to have disappeared. God works in mysterious ways. Aside from the incompetence, Mr. Brown is claiming that there is a controversy when none exists. No one argues that men and women are not different.

The text continues with increasing idiocy. Brian S. Brown does not think that his donor base is very intelligent. The verbose loquacity is occasionally interrupted with:

The supposed matching gift is probably another scam. What’s one more lie after all of this blathering BS?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.