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According to hate group leader Mad Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel): DON’T LET “SILICON CENSORS” STEAL YOUR VOTE! Furthermore, according to Mad Mat: “Big Tech’s unchecked power threatens our freedom and our voice.” Who knew?

“Silicon Censors” in firms like Google have worked for years to silence pro-faith and pro-freedom perspectives—even as they push their own far-left, radical views. Facebook even banned renowned evangelist and humanitarian Franklin Graham before public outcry brought him back.

And that’s not all. Google has used its massive online presence to manipulate voters—handing Hillary Clinton at least 2.6 million votes in 2016 according to Robert Epstein, an expert who just testified before a Senate subcommittee.

If these people — particularly Franklin Graham — would be a bit less obsessed with denigrating LGBTQ people at every opportunity they would have fewer problems with social media. Facebook does not wish to be complicit in promoting hate speech. The origin of the statements might be found in religious dogma but it is still hate speech.

Robert Epstein is a psychologist who has been at war with Google for the past seven years. In 2012 Google detected malware on Epstein’s website. Google placed a warning on search results. Epstein came unglued and threatened to sue Google if the warning was not removed because — he asserted — there was nothing wrong with the site. A couple of weeks later, Epstein admitted that his website had been hacked. However he blamed Google for not helping him find the hack and for tarnishing his reputation. Epstein has been a relentless critic of Google ever since.

It is part of the basic fabric of American society: “Nothing is ever my fault!

In 2016, during the presidential campaign, Epstein estimated that Google would swing 3 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton. Now he is claiming that he was right all along. For their part, Google has stated: “Google has never ever re-ranked search results on any topic (including elections) to manipulate user sentiment.”

Getting back to Mad Mat:

And in 2020, Epstein warns that if Big Tech firms “all support the same candidate, they will have the power to shift 15 million votes to that candidate.” As one Google insider declared on hidden camera, the tech giant intends to “prevent” the next “Trump situation.”

Staver doesn’t identify who, from what position, said what and when but there is no shortage of conspiracy theories. Let me put it this way. If Google’s algorithms were changed to favor a particular candidate many, many people would have to be aware of that.

This isn’t one person in pajamas writing code. It would be a massive undertaking that would have to come from senior executives at Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and work its way down to the many programmers.

Now is the time to arise and demand that Congress protect our First Amendment freedoms online. Left unchecked, social media titans will only do more to suppress, censor and silence pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom voices.

The schmuck is a lawyer. He should know that there is no such thing as “First Amendment freedoms online” because, for example, Google and Facebook are not government agencies.

I could make a more truthful complaint about Fox News promoting pro-Trump propaganda 24/7. There is a story out of MSNBC today: Pro-Trump news outlet The Epoch Times funded by Chinese spiritual group. They are spending millions of dollars on Facebook to promote their outlet. “Pro-Trump” is an enormous understatement. Epoch Times is in the tank down to subscribing to QAnon.

The point is that outwardly biased sources like Fox and Epoch have far more potential to swing votes than Google and Facebook.

There are dollars in Mad Mat’s donuts

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