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The headline at Fox News reads: Tony Perkins: Solution to gun violence isn’t what you think, says former police officer. Perkins (who is a hate group leader — Family Research Council) goes on to write:

As a former police officer, this perspective on gun violence is not an academic approach. I’ve encountered armed suspects and dealt with gun-related violence. I’ve lost friends, gunned down in the line of duty. I have a full appreciation of the stress that families of law enforcement officers endure each day as their father, mother, son, or daughter head out to protect their neighbors and communities.

Let’s discuss Mr. Perkins’ career as a reserve Baton Rouge police officer of unknown duration. In 1992 Perkins violated his oath. He failed to report to his superiors a potentially violent and illegal conspiracy by anti-abortion fanatics.

Perkins then publicly criticized police tactics designed to stop the activists from blocking access to a local abortion clinic. As a result of his actions and inaction, he was suspended from duty. Perkins quit before he could be reinstated. In other words, Perkins was fired from the police department.

Before we even get into this, there is no reason to believe that Perkins knows anything about stopping gun violence. Moreover, Perkins is a shill for the Republican Party which means that he is captive to the NRA’s political agenda to benefit gun manufacturers.

And the BS begins to flow

As president of the Family Research Council, I also saw gun violence from another perspective – as a target of hate. Our organization in Washington D.C. was attacked by a now convicted, domestic terrorist. Inspired by a leftist organization, Floyd Lee Corkins came into our offices with 100 rounds of ammunition and began firing, critically wounding one of our team members.

A hate group claiming to be a target of hate because of the actions of a deranged person who probably never should have owned a gun in the first place. Corkins had 50 rounds of ammunition, not 100. Perkins suggests multiple shots. Corkins shot one time wounding a security guard in the arm. That does not fall into the category of “critically wounding” someone. I am not excusing Corkins in any way whatsoever. I am just pointing out that Perkins is full of crap.

Perhaps if Perkins would stop spreading the lie that gay men are predisposed to be child molesters his organization would attract less opprobrium. But that is not going to happen.

Shilling for the orange creature

It is dishonest and self-serving of politicians who claim that this crisis is the result of statements made by President Donald Trump about securing our southern border. How would they explain the mass shootings that took place in Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino or Aurora during the Obama administration?

The above represents fallacious logic. What Perkins is saying is that, unless all shootings can be attributed to Trump, then none can be attributed to Trump. Trump’s racist rhetoric has inspired violence and is probably, at least partially, to blame for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the most recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

An uncivil person preaching civility

Though an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, I am willing to talk about laws regarding the ownership and use of guns by those who should not have them. But the missing component to this discussion playing on an endless political loop is the impact of the moral vacuum created by eliminating values, faith and civility from the public square.

Really? He never said a word about gun safety after the Newtown shooting. I doubt that you will ever find a single word mentioned by Tony Perkins about excessive magazines, assault weapons, background checks or any other sensible gun safety measure. Here is what he said in 2013:

I can’t imagine living in a house without a gun.

This idea of background checks is very concerning given the fact that … the United States military has been increasingly showing hostility toward evangelicals and Catholics as being somehow threats to national security and people that need to be watched.

…Well, what happens if all a sudden you are identified as an evangelical, Bible-believing fundamentalist and the government decides you’ve got to be put on a watch list?

To answer his last question which provides the logical fallacy of excluded middle, what happens is that you do not have a gun. Boo hoo. What happens when deranged people have guns for lack of universal background checks? He claims that he is willing to talk as if he is an arbiter of gun safety. When has he ever proposed any measure?

More “You are all stupid”

Our nation’s capital, with some of the most restrictive gun-ownership laws in the country, clearly illustrates this point. Washington has a gun murder rate of 18 per 100,000, and the city’s gun-control laws did not protect our organization. Nationwide, as many as 80 percent of gun-related crime involves illegal guns.

The problem is that it is easy to purchase weapons elsewhere without any accountability. Were there not a disparity in gun safety laws around the country, many lives would be saved. Some states, like Florida, require gun dealers to destroy any paperwork associated with a sale. So even if the weapon is recovered it might not be traceable to the criminal.

Can Perkins make ONE intelligent argument?

And do laws blocking gun ownership stop murder? The United Kingdom, which already has strict laws on the ownership of guns, began restricting the sale and possession of knives over three inches long after a rash of episodes of knife violence last year. The focus on tools still misses the greater problem.

The United Kingdom has a gun-related death rate of 0.23 per 100,000. The United States’ rate is 12.21 or 53 times higher than the UK. How many mass killings have there been by knife, machete or meat cleaver in the UK?

After the requisite “Jesus Saves” over many paragraphs:

Our baser nature clearly is not changed by passing more laws. The promises of security through more government restrictions will only serve to erode our freedoms while providing little protection. Rather, the solution to the gun violence plaguing our nation will be found in a willingness to recognize, as did the Founders, that as a people we are dependent upon and accountable to an omniscient God. It is only from such an understanding that morality and public virtue become commonplace, which is essential for freedom.

Tony Perkins submits this crap as if he has proved something with his very porous arguments. Piety is not going to take guns out of the hands of criminals, crazy people and those with criminal intent. Piety is not going to lessen the damage that those people do with excessive magazines and weapons that do not belong in civilian hands.

I have to wonder if Mr. Corkins, the FRC shooter, might have been prevented from owning a weapon with universal background checks. Mr. Perkins has never asked that question.

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By David Cary Hart

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