Hate group leader Rich Penkoski (Warriors for Christ) claims that his YouTube channel had over 500,000 followers. YouTube’s terms of service prohibit monetizing hateful content. YouTube demonetized the entire channel from which Penkoski claims he was earning about $600/month. A scan of the channel does not bear that out.

Unless there is another channel, Warriors for Christ has less than 3,000 subscribers and most of the videos have fewer than 100 views.

Now Penkoski is whining:

Some of the videos that were ruled unsuitable for advertisers include titles like “God’s Word is True: Geologist Says Unusual Discovery in Antartica [SIC] Confirms Biblical Flood Account,” “WWE Star Sting Confesses Christ,” “Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?,” and “Jesus is our Deliverer! Powerful Spiritual Warfare and Healing Scriptures.”

That may very well be true but YouTube is not Penkoski’s private curator. At some point it makes more economic sense for YouTube to zap the entire channel — which is what they have done. Penkoski is oblivious:

“Between Brown and Prager U, all these channels that are getting demonetized all have one thing in common. They all address LGBT issues and not in a negative way either. We don’t go out there and we don’t say derogatory things.”

I took a look at just one of the videos regarding Pride Month, 2019. Among the things Penkoski says that are supposedly not derogatory and depict a biblical worldview:

you say homosexuality is perversion
right just that one sentence on your own
profile they will send a legion of
hiv-infected trolls to come over there
to mob you to harass you because they
cannot stand anybody having a different

people are truly wicked people truly
wicked okay anybody that thinks it’s
okay to sexualize a child is an immoral
satanic pervert and and that’s that’s
the nicest way I could say they’ll tell
you that they’re not perverted children
they’re not sexualizing children but
that’s exactly what they’re doing

they are targeting children make no
mistake about it they’ll tell you
they’re not but every single thing they
do is in regards to children they want
to teach
they want to recruit children

These three quotes come from just the first 14 minutes of a 77 minute video.

Penkoski is lucky that demonetizing is all that YouTube has done. That one video that I briefly scanned violates YouTube’s acceptable use policy. I need to flag the video and I happen to be HIV negative.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.