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Ex-ex-gay and ex-conversion therapist McKrae Game

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This kind of honesty is rare in conservative Christian media. It’s not all truthful but Jenny Rose Spaudo deserves some credit. The headline reads: Former Christian Conversion Therapy Advocate Apologizes to LGBT Community.

McKrae Game, founder of faith-based conversion therapy ministry Hope for Wholeness, apologized recently in a Facebook post, saying his former work in ex-gay ministry and conversion therapy was “harmful.”

“The memories aren’t all bad,” Game writes of his time leading Hope for Wholeness. “There’s many good memories. But I certainly regret where I caused harm. I know that creating the organization that still lives was in a large way causing harm. Creating a catchy slogan that put out a very misleading idea of ‘Freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ’ was definitely harmful. Promoting the triadic model that blamed parents and conversion or prayer therapy, that made many people believe that their orientation was wrong, bad, sinful, evil and worse that they could change was absolutely harmful. People reported to attempt suicide because of me and these teachings and ideals. I told people they were going to Hell if they didn’t stop, and these were professing Christians! This was probably my worse [sic] wrongful act.”

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The AP had a bit more to say on the subject:

A South Carolina man who founded one of the nation’s biggest conversion therapy ministries has something to say: he’s gay.

The Post and Courier reports Hope for Wholeness founder McKrae Game came out of the closet this summer, nearly two years after he was fired from the faith-based conversion therapy program. He’s now trying to come to terms with the harm he inflicted when he was advocating for religious efforts to change a person’s sexuality.

“Conversion therapy is not just a lie, but it’s very harmful,” Game told The Post and Courier. “Because it’s false advertising.”

Returning to Christian media. As I said, it’s not all good:

But Jeffrey McCall has a different perspective. McCall once lived as a transgender woman and embraced a homosexual lifestyle. Now, he leads the Freedom March, a movement where people who used to live an LGBT lifestyle now boldly proclaim freedom from all sin can truly be found in Christ.

“I think people can make the mistake of trying to change themselves,” McCall tells Charisma News. “I believe it’s by the power of the Holy Spirit that any transformation can take place. Jesus tells us to deny ourselves. I believe there is much for all of us to deny and walk through a process with the Lord of sanctification. The power of the blood of Jesus can wash anyone clean, and it’s the transformative power of Holy Spirit that will give us new desires as we continue our journey abiding in Jesus Christ.”

Jeffrey McCall seems to be on the payroll of Bethel Church. Otherwise this seriously stupid individual would have a job putting chocolate on cherries. Ex-gay for pay. McCall’s message is about the same as Hope for Wholeness: LGBTQ is bad. Jesus can make you good. If only you believe.

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