An exploration of anti-LGBT Christian sharia.

David Lane

David Lane, Christian nationalist and creepy GOP operative, writes: Has America Fallen to a New Low as Education System Pushes Sexually Explicit Material on Kids? It is a rhetorical question reminding us of how little respect Mr. Lane has for intellectual honesty or the intelligence of his constituency.

This is a very verbose polemic with a great deal of religious and biblical content. However, some of it is a direct attack on LGBT people. I will deal with some of that leaving large swaths of text unquoted.

We begin with the lie:

With hypersexualized and sexually explicit language like bondage, submission and sadomasochism being pushed on K-12 school children by national education bureaucrats, America has fallen on iniquitous times.

Suffice it to say that kids are not being taught about bondage, submission and sadomasochism.

A cultural battle will have to be fought out between social justice warriors, truculent LGBT propagandists, national education dons and Bible-believing Christians whose touchstone is the Bible. Two competing religions are contending for control of America’s public square, and by simple reason, the wax of one will lead to the wane of the other.

The above is typical David Lane BS. “Two competing religions” do not exist, no one controls the public square and Lane’s zero-sum proposition is non-existent. We are a secular nation and a widely secular society. Where Lane sees a Christian Nation™, the reality is that our Constitution is directly opposed to a theocracy. Lane dishonestly creates a second religion (secularists) to level his theoretical battlefield.

Lane’s problem is that he is not satisfied with the constitutional guarantee of Free Exercise. Lane wants to impose his ultra-Christian religious beliefs on everyone as public policy. He pretends that the Establishment Clause does not mean precisely what its text says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Lane also pretends that the Establishment Clause does apply to the secularists he has conjured up. Christians have special privileges.

Add to that the spectacle of homosexuals praying at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration, the sin of dissipation, which has produced red ink as far as the eye can see, and lastly the 2015 pseudo-discovery of homosexual intercourse and marriage in the U.S. Constitution (previously undetected for 400 years of American history).

First of all, the Constitution was ratified in 1788 or 231 years ago. The Civil War ended in 1865. One-third of our constitutional history was as a slave state. Where is the relevance? Mr. Lane does not approve of gay people due to his religious beliefs. He is entitled to believe anything that he wants. He is not entitled to inflict those beliefs on everyone else. These are the exact same arguments that some conservative Christians used to oppress Jews in an earlier era.

That transgenderism at the present moment is extolled and lionized in public school programs can be taken as a sure sign that biblically based cultural input has come to an end.

What he means is biblically based public policy. At an end? It never deserved a beginning. Not if one is faithful to the Constitution. But there is more based on scientific evidence. As recently as seven or eight years ago, parents were not permitting children with gender dysphoria to transition until their teens or even early adulthood. Evidence mounted of high rates of suicide and depression among transgender adolescents and adults. Experts now encourage parents to support a child’s gender exploration even at a very young age.

Therefore, as a direct result of advances in medical science, there are more children in our public schools who are exploring their gender. It became necessary for schools to adopt policies to avoid causing distress to those fragile kids. Transgender and gender nonconforming children are not “lionized” but they must receive the respect that is their due. That respect is not subject to David Lane’s approval as if he were a Christian mullah.

Secular overlords have worked long and hard to arrive at the current situation, where indoctrination of youth by transgender and homosexual apologists for carnal craft, lore and creed has taken the place of the American founders’ educational outline of reading, writing, math and religion.

We do not apologize for our sexuality. The notion that people do so in our stead is inflammatory and offensive. What Lane seeks is to restrict the scientifically accurate information that youth need in order to treat others with respect and kindness. His is an appeal to ignorance. Facts the Lane doesn’t like, when conveyed to others, are characterized as indoctrination. David Lane would like school kids indoctrinated ⸺ with Christian beliefs.

We are all pedophiles:

To speak plainly: Public education has become a breeding ground to “groom” prepubescent and adolescent boys and girls, who are being primed by contemporary school programs for sexual exploitation. Pro-homosexual intercourse and marriage devotees and education’s foot soldiers have campaigned for legislating, now codified into law, the acclaim and standardization of godless depravity as part of K-12 mandatory learning.

I think he is saying that we are turning straight kids gay and cis kids trans to satisfy our sexual desires. Apparently, we are doing so by design. I suppose that people who believe in conversion therapy think that it can work in both directions. Keep in mind that as stupid as this seems (and it is staggeringly stupid), some people believe this drivel.

Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus et al need not apply:

If the Lord were to give a plan for a mass departure from secularism’s incubators, public schools, it would set in motion a blessing for American Christendom, unobserved in history for 150 years. If over the next 10 years Christian pastors all over the country banded together to oppose and reverse carnal pagan public “education,” a Fourth Great Awakening would be initiated in America, lasting well into the next century.

Fortunately, that is not likely to happen but Mr. Lane will continue to campaign for it. He does so not only because of his belief in Christian supremacy but also because it benefits Republicans. For now. A day will come when Republicans will stop being subservient to conservative Christian gasbags. It is inevitable. It should have happened when Democrats, for a brief two years, controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress. If that happens again in 2020 it is unlikely to be squandered.

Lane represents a radical and noisy fringe of religious extremists. Even devout Christians are not interested in Christian sharia.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.