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Kevin Whitt is the latest conservative Christian hero to emerge out of LGBTQ culture. He is getting a great deal of attention. Of course another one could become the tchotchke du jour tomorrow. Kevin Whitt was a prostitute. He is still hooking but the 35-year-old has a new customer base.

I have sometimes joked to myself about the oodles of money that would come my way if I converted from Judaism, found Jesus, repented and claimed to be ex-gay. Mr. Whitt took himself more seriously.

I suppose that a prostitute loses his appeal with the loss of youth. He has to do something. Last June Whitt created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000, supposedly to finance publishing his autobiography titled: “God Saved the Queen.” So far he has raised $1,785.

The GoFundMe page looks like Whitt did a cut and paste of every crackpot who has claimed that Jesus saved them from a life of debauchery. He touches all of the required bases including blaming being gay on childhood abuse (which defies medical science).

That brings me to Wallbuilders, home to Christian nationalists and sanctimonious phonies; David Barton, Rick Green and Tim Barton. Their story is titled: Former Transgender Warns of Gender Hysteria Harming Children. Kevin Whitt was never transgender. He is a gay man who was a sometime drag entertainer and a full time crossdressing prostitute, … allegedly.

More importantly, if there is any hysteria over transgender and gender nonconforming children, it is coming from the Christian right. They have spewed an amazing amount of rancorous rhetoric over a tiny percentage of kids. Furthermore, what does Kevin Whitt know about gender dysphoria? You are about to find out from his Internet radio interview:


Kevin Whitt’s story is amazing. He came out of that lifestyle, saved five years ago, and has devoted his life to shining a light of understanding on the damage that is done to these kids. And he’s going to be with us to talk about it when we return.


Well, I came out of the closet at 15 years-old as gay. Then, soon after, I began dressing as a female and started doing drag shows and living my life as a transgendered woman for 20 years off and on. And, I got involved heavily in the LGBT lifestyle and culture.

Then, after being involved in that lifestyle for so many years, I started to see how that lifestyle was not healthy. And, even from a non-biblical, non-Christian standpoint, from a secular standpoint, you can easily see how unhealthy the lifestyle is.

Whitt never lived as a transgender woman. Eventually he will realize that he has to add puberty blockers and hormones into his shtick in order to manufacture some authenticity. I defy this schmuck to produce a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a board-certified psychiatrist. Were Whitt ever transgender then he would comprehend the difference between a trans woman and a drag queen and he certainly would not use the word “transgendered.”

As for “lifestyle,” being a prostitute and hustler is a lifestyle. Being transgender is not. Consider, for example, Hunter Schafer. Ms. Schafer is one of the stars of HBO’s Euphoria. Schafer is an independent and beautiful woman who, aside from now acting, works as a model and does a fair amount of advocacy. Schafer’s lifestyle is very different from, say, that of Caitlyn Jenner.

By the way, Hunter Schafer’s dad is a Protestant minister. Given Hunter’s obvious ego-strengths it is safe to assume that she had parental support — something that Whitt and his Wallbuilders buddies are trying to erode.

And, I started seeing that this was not healthy. I mean them, the amount of suicides that took place in that lifestyle were a lot. And, that suicide rate is about 40 percent of post-op transsexuals, meaning those who have had the sex change; about 40 percent of them commit suicide.

So, that is a huge number. And, it really just shows that no matter what surgeries they have, what the hormones they take, no matter what they do to their self, at the end of the day, they were still created as men and women who were they were assigned that gender by God at birth. And, there’s nothing they could do to change that.

I have no idea where they get this information from. My best guess is that it stems from a study in Sweden from 2011. At that time, the suicide rate in the United States was 0.012% (it is now at 0.013%). According to that study, the suicide rate of transgender people who had surgery was 19 times higher than the general population which, if we based it on U.S. numbers, puts it at 22.8%.

However, that study included people who had surgery nearly 50 years ago (1973 to 2003). I traded some email with the lead investigator, Dr. C. Dhejne. She attributed the suicides to the minority stress syndrome, referring me to a paper by Ilan H. Meyer. And where does minority stress come from? I think we all know the answer to what I admit is a rhetorical question.

In the scientific community, there is absolutely no doubt that gender-affirmation coupled with family support allows trans kids to live with levels of depression comparable to the general population and level of anxiety slightly higher than the general population. According to Dr. Kristina Olson’s 2015 paper published to Pediatrics:

Socially transitioned transgender children who are supported in their gender identity have developmentally normative levels of depression and only minimal elevations in anxiety, suggesting that psychopathology is not inevitable within this group. Especially striking is the comparison with reports of children with GID; socially transitioned transgender children have notably lower rates of internalizing psychopathology than previously reported among children with GID living as their natal sex.

It is a virtual certainty that Kevin Whitt has no idea who Kristina Olson is. Nor C. Dhejne. Nor Ilan Meyer. He claims to have been saved by Jesus and I claim that he is full of crap.

So, what we really need to treat is the root cause of these issues, not [inaudible]. The gender therapist, what they treat is the symptom of the issue. But, they need to get to the root cause of the issues and see why that person feels that they were born in the wrong body to begin with; and, that is something that they never address.

The above is from someone who probably did not graduate high school. I will give Whitt credit for learning his lines. In spite of the fact that the proverbial “underlying issues” are unknown to medical science, the religious right continues to make this claim.

One of my friends invited me to church on Easter, and that’s when I got saved and gave my life to Christ. Well, whenever I did that, I was like What does this mean? And I thought, “Am I going to just be a gay Christian,” because that’s all I ever knew.

Note that he did not say “transgender Christian.” He needs to refine his presentation a tad.

And, I read the Scriptures where it says, “Homosexuality is a sin.” And, I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t be gay and Christian.” Then, I started to–Dallas is the Bible Belt.

The transcript was provided by Barton & Co. Later on he manages to get even more moronic:

Well, I personally think that’s child abuse and what’s happening to these children is child abuse. Also, I think that parents will see their son who puts on the mom’s high heels and run around the house and say, “Oh my gosh; he’s supposed to be a girl.”

No he’s not supposed to be a girl. That is a curious child, and all kids do these types of things; they’re just curious.

That is not how gender dysphoria reveals itself. It is revealed through at least six months of distress and impairment. It is diagnosed by psychiatrists who objectively evaluate eight criteria according to DSM-5. A diagnosis requires six of the eight — along with the minimum six months of distress. Most parents will get a second opinion.

The persistence of gender dysphoria is directly related to its severity. Only the most acutely affected children (about 25% of those with the condition) will ever transition. Child abuseaccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics — is not providing parental support to children with gender dysphoria. AAP “best practices” provide for gender-affirming care.

More words of wisdom from Whitt:

It is a legal form of child abuse taking place in America. And, it’s all for the indoctrination of children into the LGBT culture and transgender lifestyle.

So, what these parents need to do and understand is that these kids—first of all, they should never be allowed to transition before they’re the age of 18.

Indoctrination means that we are convincing children to have gender dysphoria. Who, why and how?

We should follow Whitt’s advice. Right so that trans kids can be miserable for years. Wanna see suicide statistics? Just treat children as “Dr.” Whitt advises. This way we can allow trans boys to develop breast tissue and trans girls to develop masculine features. What, I wonder, is the source of Whitt’s erudition?

Well, I protest these Drag Queen Library Hours and go speak out against them, because a drag is an adult form of entertainment. We would not have a stripper story hour. So, why should we have a drag queen story hour?

If I keep going I will be chewing on my keyboard. For starters it is Drag Queen Story Hour. Furthermore, what makes Mr. Whitt think that he is remotely qualified to make decisions for parents who see these events as an opportunity to interest their kids in reading?

Kevin Whitt is still a gay man. If he wants to fleece the Christians that’s up to him. The self-righteous set don’t realize (or care) that they are dealing with someone who has a hustler’s mentality. When Kevin Whitt contributes to damaging anti-LGBTQ vitriol with his stories then I have a problem. The guy is a virus.

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