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Brian S. Brown, leader of the hate group International Organization for the Family and National Organization for Marriage has a pair of emails out today; one from each group. Brown has acquired new e-marketing software giving the same crap a new look.

The first of these is from IOF (an assumed name for Howard Center For Family Religion and Society). It is titled: soros’ plans. Mr. Soros doesn’t deserve capitalization. The graphic claims that Mr. Soros wants to make Mr. Brown’s fundamentalist Catholic values illegal. Exactly how — or where for that matter — Soros would do so is anyone’s guess.

According to the text:

The International Organization for the Family is working daily to fight for your values on a global scale. But we’re facing tough opposition.

Powerful special interests like billionaire George Soros are pouring innumerable resources into trying to make our values of life, family, and religious freedom practically illegal.

We went from illegal to “practically illegal.” Surprise:

Later on:

IOF remains on the forefront of a worldwide movement to defend and strengthen the natural family, marriage, life, and liberty and to fight radical ideologues like George Soros who want to weaken all these things and more!

There are numerous clickable gimme graphics throughout. What potential donors do not realize is that the Howard Center seems to be the recipient of a great deal of off-balance-sheet money from Russian oligarchs.

These transactions probably dwarf the $200 thousand annual revenues of the Howard Center. The money that flows through the 501(c)3 entity is grossly insufficient to fund IOF’s activities.

In the prior year, Howard Center had revenues of nearly $600 thousand. It is symptomatic. Brian S. Brown continues to demonstrate that he is afflicted with Reverse-Midas Syndrome.

I have heard that scientists at Harvard Medical School are researching the RMS phenomenon. Study results should be published in the near future.

That bring me to Brian S. Brown’s money-beg on behalf of National Organization for Marriage.

This one is titled: Trump stumps for religious freedom:

The quoted text is not Trump’s intended inference

I have no problem with the expression of religious beliefs by others. I get irritated when people attempt to inflict those views on me as public policy.

I am sure you realize that Brown is not sending out an email to thank Trump. The purpose is clearly expressed with a clickable graphic:

Through 2017 NOM has spent around $70 million over 11 years and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Yet, Brian S. Brown would have donors believe that he is at the helm of a highly effective enterprise:

We have been working hard all summer to marshal the resources necessary to put constituents directly in touch with their Representatives and Senators and demand the derailing of what we’ve re-named the INequality Act.

The Equality Act is a dead issue. I know it, you know it and Brown knows it. Mitch McConnell has spiked it. Eventually Mr. Brown will take credit for McConnell’s inaction.

I suppose that NOM has sent out some emails asking for money. If that is “working hard” then Brown is not entirely full of crap.

Apparently, donors continue to fund an anti-LGBTQ organization that does nothing other than sending out emails asking for money.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.