Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown has conjured up a new reason for people to donate to National Organization for Marriage:

The text of this nonsense reads:

So many victims…

Even before the US Supreme Court illegitimately imposed same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation, LGBT extremists have been targeting people of faith for attack if they refuse to participate in celebrating same-sex ceremonies and events that violate their religious beliefs. The list of victims who have been targeted is long and growing – cake designers, printers, inn keepers, t-shirt makers, graphic artists, photographers, florists, funeral homes, film makers, farmers, etc. – all targeted because they hold biblical views on issues such as marriage and human sexuality.

Actually it is LGBTQ people who have been “targeted” by conservative Christians who have refused service by public accommodations in defiance of applicable law. Employment Division v. Smith makes it very clear that there are no religious exemptions to otherwise neutral and applicable laws.

Brown thinks that there should be one set of laws for conservative Christians and another set of laws for everyone else.

This has nothing to do with “LGBT extremists.” These are laws that were passed and signed into law by people elected by citizens. People were denied service and made a formal complaint. That is precisely what Brian S. Brown would do if someone denied service to him because of a conflict with his fundamentalist Catholic beliefs.

I guess that there are still suckers. NOM has been around for about 11 years and, through 2017, NOM burned about $70 million of donor money. NOM has nothing to show for its existence or the money. It has accomplished absolutely nothing. The notion that they are somehow the salvation to people who break laws is ludicrous.

Brown goes on:

[These] are real people with real lives who are facing real hardship because they’ve lived out their faith at work or in their business life. People like Jack, Barronnelle, Melissa and Aaron, Breanna and Joanna, Tom, Blaine, Robert and Cynthia, Steve and Bridget, and so many others like them.

If the putz is going to shill for Barronelle Stutzman, he should at least spell her name correctly.

A majority of Americans believe that LGBTQ people deserve nondiscrimination protections. Brown is trying to blame the victims of discrimination for the reluctance of people to patronize bigots. Furthermore they have been complaining about the same people — Jack, Barronelle, etc. for ten years. The overwhelming majority of people do not feel a need to discriminate.

People discriminate as a means of displaying their disapproval of LGBTQ people. In their minds, service equates to approval. It is rather arrogant. Given the fact that we neither seek nor require anyone’s approval for our sexuality, those who discriminate are engaging in a pointless protest. Some of these self-manufactured victims relish the attention garnered by their malevolence.

Later on:

The fights we are waging now are difficult and contentious, but we’ve been winning. That could all come to a crashing halt if the US Senate passes the grossly misnamed Equality Act (HR 5/S 788), which is really the InEquality Act because of the one-sided way it imposes the LGBT agenda.

Winning what, exactly? I stand by my statement that NOM has accomplished absolutely nothing over 11 years and more than $70,000,000 that Brown has burned through. In fact some of this money enriched Mr. Brown well beyond his compensation. Brown and others seem to have looted the organization. Attempting to raise money off a dead measure (the Equality Act) is equally dishonest.

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By David Cary Hart

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