A teen has an anti-gay meltdown over nothing other than having insanely homophobic parents.

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I feel terrible for this Iowa kid. He is in distress because of how he has been raised. Martin M. Barillas, writes:

An Iowa boy and his parents are fearful of retaliation by teachers and school officials after the stepfather objected to seeing his stepson subjected to LGBT propaganda sponsored by a local junior high school.

Good ole Marty. State that fictional fear exists to promote the idea that Christians have cause to be fearful. Barillas should be more concerned that a teen had a meltdown over nothing more nefarious than doughnuts and stickers:

Judd Saul, a local Christian activist and documentary film director, told LifeSiteNews that Robert Michael is worried about the repercussions of his encounter with a state senator, a former teacher, and a junior high school principal on September 23. That morning, Michael’s stepson sent a text to his mother asking to be taken home. It read: “Can I leave school today? Everyone is in gay flags and the gays are taking over.” It went on to say, “They are handing out gay stickers and donuts. You should let me leave.”

Robert Michael is a Waterloo police officer. The fact that his son came unglued over stickers and doughnuts suggests that Michael is profoundly homophobic. He confirms this with his eventual belligerent “performance” (detailed below). I have sent an inquiry and an alert to the Waterloo Police Department.

Judd Saul is the founder of Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ and he is probably the creator of some of this narrative. Mr. Saul, by the way, is the director of three documentary shorts; “Under Siege:” — Antifa, Soviet Islam and Civil War 2017. Fascinating no doubt.

But I digress. According to Mr. Saul’s narrative, the poor kid is having an anxiety meltdown over the presence of gay people and their allies. What could make a teen so distressed?

Oh the horror of it all:

The text was accompanied by a photo that showed that rainbows and pro-LGBT messages and paraphernalia were being distributed to kids at the public Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls. When Michael arrived at the school with his wife, they found that the event had ended and that organizers were preparing to leave. According to Saul, members of the school’s gay/straight alliance slapped rainbow stickers on students as they arrived or handed rainbow flags. Colorful doughnuts were also made available.

It’s the colorful doughnuts that are truly evil!

Mr. Michael has no business being a cop:

Michael recorded a video of his encounter at the school with Sen. Eric Giddens (D) and wife Kendra Wohlert, who identified herself as a teacher. Giddens is a former member of the local school board. He and Wohlert claimed in the video that they were merely trying to welcome students to the school. As Giddens walked on the sidewalk leading to the school, Michael approached him and asked, “What’s going on?” Giddens was wearing a rainbow flag on his shirt. Michael asked, “What’s with the rainbow?” Giddens said, “It’s welcome to school.” However, when Michael asked Giddens’s name, Giddens turned his back and walked into the school. Wohlert had a rainbow sticker on her face.

The assumption is that these people showing acceptance in a public school setting are doing something wrong. A state senator wearing a rainbow flag somehow trespasses on Michael’s delicate sensitivities. I would also walk away from a seething crank who is getting worked up over nothing. In fact, what the school was doing should be applauded, particularly in what appears to be a rural area.

Senator Giddens was present because his son is an eighth grader at the school. Giddens’ wife, Kenda Wohlert, is a teacher at a different school. Giddens adds some context:

Following a bullying incident involving a gay 7th grade student at Peet Jr. High at the beginning of the current school year, a group of families organized an activity to show support, love, and solidarity for LGBTQ students and the Gay Straight Alliance/Anti-bullying/Tolerance club at Peet. The expressed intent was that families cannot, and should not, expect our schools to address this problem alone.

According to Saul, parents were never informed by the school of the LGBT event or that adults would be handing out rainbow stickers and flags representing various sexual preferences to students.Saul said in the interview that he believes that the junior high school counselor had organized the event.

Right. These religious zealots claim to be entitled to notification about anything and everything that might cause them concern. Being informed usually coincides with the Christian privilege of being able to “opt out.” These people fail to appreciate the simple fact that they make such events necessary.

When they arrived in the school office, Wohlert asked to see the principal and announced an “emergency.” Appearing to taunt Michael, Wohlert said, “Imagine how it feels for kids who are not accepted for who they are.” Michael said he objected to the fact that he was not informed of the event.

It might shock Mr. Michael to know that the school has no obligation to inform him of events. We do not even know if he is a legal guardian of the teen in question.

The video picks up later in an office with Michael’s wife present. There she explained that her son was not comfortable when people put rainbow stickers on him. “I have a son texting me that he’s not comfortable with what’s going on. It’s not what he believes. He has the right to believe that. Normally, he keeps his mouth shut, but when it came to a push like that, that’s not right in school.” She said, “Kids so different from him, if they want to wear t-shirts, whatever, that’s fine, there’s nothing we can say about it. But something like this, when you’re walking into it and running up to him and want to put stickers on him.” The mother theorized that the organizers of the LGBT event would probably refuse stickers advertising Donald Trump if they were offered.

Idiot mother just resolved the matter. The kid could refuse the stickers or simply take them off. Nobody dies!

According to a Facebook post by LeAnn Saul, the Gay Straight Alliance is planning to “flood the school board meeting on Oct. 14 to defend their slapping your kids with pro gay stickers without your knowledge and without permission by your child.” The post called on parents to attend the board meeting to voice their objections.

You mean like the way Christians flood school board meetings to impose their beliefs on everyone else? People need to point out how ridiculous their complaint is. Stickers? They are complaining about stickers?

The bottom line to all of this is that insane parents caused their kid to have an anxiety attack over absolutely nothing. The kid was never in danger, was not harassed nor singled out and he suffered no harm by any reasonable standard.

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