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Hate group leader Michelle Cretella of American College of Pediatricians dispenses medical advice based on Church dogma, not medical science.

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Martin M. Barillas and Pete Baklinski at hatesite LifeSiteNews are terribly distressed. According to the pair of Defenders of the Faith™:

NBC News denounced a LifeSiteNews report as “fake news” that spotlighted powerful puberty-blocking drugs used to block normal sexual development among children and teens who are “transitioning” to the opposite sex that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are linked to thousands of deaths when used in other applications.

According to the same idiots, Lupron is associated with tens of thousands of adverse reactions and thousands of deaths. Tim Fitzsimons at NBC News correctly pointed out:

The problem is: the “thousands” of people who die while taking these drugs are likely the terminally ill cancer patients who receive hormone blockers to fight hormone-sensitive cancers, like prostate cancer, according to experts.

Enter hate group leader Michelle Cretella (American College of Pediatricians)

Dr. Michelle Cretella of the American College of Pediatricians told LifeSiteNews that while it’s true that the FDA report does not cite Lupron as the “proven” cause of any of the deaths (it was merely being taken by the patients at the time they died), the fact that there are so many deaths associated with its use, including among children, is cause enough for an investigation.

She also pointed out that the FDA report shows that there were 11 deaths of children linked to this drug, “none of whom were being treated for prostate cancer.”

The word proven is irrelevant. The FDA does not know cause of death. Period. As for the 11 children, their deaths were not “linked to this drug.” They died while taking this drug. We have no idea what they died from or why they were taking Lupron. The majority of pediatric prescriptions are not for gender dysphoria. In addition to treating precocious puberty it is used to treat anemia caused by uterine bleeding. Cretella used to be a pediatrician. She knows this.

Without her knowledge, someone injected this crank with some sodium pentothol:

“It is true that Lupron has not been proven to cause any of the deaths; it was merely being taken by the patients at the time they died. However, there were 11 deaths in children, none of whom were being treated for prostate cancer since prostate cancer does not affect children, so it is possible that Lupron may have contributed in some way – that is what the FDA must investigate,” she said.

What must the FDA investigate? The FDA has already determined that Lupron is safe and effective. Any child’s death is heartbreaking but 11 deaths are statistically irrelevant given the many thousands of prescriptions.

Cretella took serious issue with those in the medical profession who use drugs to stop the healthy development of puberty in children, a step that leads to some children ‘transitioning’ to the opposite sex.

“The use of Lupron to block puberty in children with gender dysphoria is not FDA approved in short because puberty is not a disease,” she said.

“In fact, giving puberty blockers to physically healthy children induces the disease known as hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism.…”

First of all it is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Cretella knows that the condition is transient and a rare complication. Cretella is not an endocrinologist. The Endocrine Society recommends puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria.

None of this blather has anything whatsoever to do with the wellbeing of children. The intent is to defend the teachings of the Catholic Church. At the risk of being repetitive, belief systems are based on faith. Medical science is based on evidence. The Church is out of bounds for attempting to conform the science to religious dogma.

Not treating pediatric gender dysphoria poses a significant risk of self-harm. Not treating pediatric gender dysphoria because of Catholic dogma is irresponsible and stunningly stupid. Any parent who follows Cretella’s advice or the ramblings of LifeSiteNews is guilty of child abuse. Cretella’s former professional society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends gender-affirming care. That is based on exhaustive study.

Who are you going to listen to? A religious crank who has not practiced medicine in years (presumably to avoid continuing education obligations) or the professional associations whose only concern is the wellbeing of children?

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