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Fox News has parted company with Todd Starnes who was their culture warrior. Starnes, who has the intellect of seltzer, is a serial misinformer. CBN has a piece titled: Todd Starnes: ‘The Left is Bulldozing Through American History’ – But ‘We the People’ Can Stop Them. What could possibly go wrong?

According to CBN, according to Starnes:

Americans are watching as their rights evaporate before their eyes. Religious liberty, freedom of speech, and in some cases even freedom of thought, are all under assault.

“Americans?” Neither Starnes nor CBN give a crap unless the supposedly affected people are conservative Christian Americans. Even then, none of those folks have lost any of their rights. One of Starnes favorite pastimes is claiming that his constituency has been victimized.

Peter Vlaming was a well-liked French teacher in a Virginia public school. Then he refused to call a ninth-grade student who transitioned from female to male by the student’s new preferred pronoun, “he,” and Vlaming was fired.

Vlaming was terminated after exhaustive progressive discipline. The real problem was that Vlaming refused to comply with school district policy. School boards represent “We the People” and they establish policies based on the best interests of students.

Vlaming should not have been fired. Vlaming should have had the dignity to resign and seek employment elsewhere. He would have been better off. Vlaming left his employer with no choice.

I fail to see how religion precludes someone from using gender-appropriate pronouns. Vlaming might not approve of a transgender kid but there is no reason, that I can fathom, to exhibit his disapproval, particularly not in front of other students.

In community after community, students across America are told they must stop praying before high school football games and at graduation ceremonies.

Given that Starnes is so concerned with First Amendment rights, he should realize that some forms of prayer on school property constitute school-sponsored prayer which is prohibited by the Establishment Clause.

In Engel v. Vitale (1962), the Supreme Court rejected the arguments that students were not asked to observe any specific established religion, that the traditional heritage of the nation was religious and that the prayer was voluntary. The Court held that the mere promotion of a religion is sufficient to establish a violation, even if that promotion is not coercive.

But there is more to this than the legalities. Those in prayer isolate those not in prayer. Those praying are almost always a group of Christians which works to isolate non-Christians. Imagine Starnes’ shitfit if a group of Scientologists were glorifying Xenu (or, … whatever it is that they do) before football games.

Furthermore, what is the big deal? What terrible harm is incurred by people who are asked to defer their prayer time to either home or house of worship or “Good News” club?

An elderly Christian couple was told to stop hosting Bible studies in their apartment, or face eviction.

Oh I love that one which spread through the echo chamber via Starnes. The problem was caused by complaints from other tenants. It has nothing to do with what they did in their apartment but, rather, what they were doing in common areas of the facility.

Specifically, the couple (Kenneth Hauge and Liv Hauge) were monopolizing the facility’s “Club Room.” They were harassing other tenants who wanted to use the facility who were told that they should join their prayer group comprised of residents and non-residents. They were also doing “counseling sessions” with residents and non-residents during which they physically prevented others from using the facility. Some tenants did not renew their leases due to the actions of the Hauges.

It seems to me that rights were lost. The right of other residents to quiet enjoyment and use of facilities that were included in their rental. There is nothing like Christian Privilege to drive the point home.

These are just a few of examples of what radio personality and author Todd Starnes calls “culture jihad.” He warns if political correctness and identity politics continue to overrun the country, Americans could lose their rights to freedom of religion, speech, and assembly.

As I said, Starnes is an imbecile. He is also a liar for Christ.

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