“People like Gary DeMar create the need for programs that they loathe.”
Gary DeMar
Gary DeMar of American Vision

via Southern Poverty Law Center

Monday, Gary DeMar of American Vision offers up: An Open Letter to Kellogg’s and their Fake Anti-bullying Campaign.

DeMar has said that his organization’s designation as a hate group has a significant impact on revenues. DeMar has been relatively reserved over the last couple of years regarding LGBTQ people. Perhaps he has been staid in order to appeal to the SPLC, That rubber band has snapped.

DeMar has penned an anti-LGBTQ diatribe. It ends up claiming that Donald Trump is being bullied. Rand Paul too. That is relatively harmless, intellectually dishonest gibberish. However, much of the tirade is bigoted and offensive.

[Dear Kellogg’s:] I read about your anti-bullying campaign being promoted with Kellogg’s Altogether Cereal. This would have been a good effort if you had not promoted a sex act. The use of the rainbow and describing some-sex [sic] sexuality as “gay” should tell you that this movement has something to hide. Kellogg’s has teamed up with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organization to celebrate anti-LGBTQ bullying with the launch of a special edition “All Together” cereal.

Rarely do you see what amounts to an admission on the part of the religious right which steadfastly refuses to ever refer to “gay people.” In DeMar’s world gay people do not exist because everyone is heterosexual. DeMar would probably say that some people have “same-sex attraction” just as some people are predisposed to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Apparently a reference to gay kids means minors having same-sex sex.

The truth is that some people are gay. The science regarding the continuum of sexual orientation is settled. The fact that the science might conflict with scripture (depending upon one’s belief system) is irrelevant. Belief systems are based on faith. Science is based on evidence. Gay kids should not be bullied because they are gay. Promoting humane treatment of children has nothing to do with sex acts.

Have you ever seen images of the Civil Rights marches? Note the dignity of all involved.

Here’s a contrast for you to consider. Have you ever watched a “Gay Pride Parade”? What other self-identified group promotes itself with public acts of debauchery?

I can’t show some of the more lewd and debauched images. Gayness is about a certain type of sexual lifestyle. Who has parades for this type of behavior?

There is a considerable amount of intellectual dishonesty going on here. The Pride photo, by the way, was from a Pride celebration in Dublin in 2015. I will enumerate the bullshit:

  1. Comparing a solemn march for equality with a celebration of what we have achieved is dishonest. They are two different events with two different purposes.
  2. Claiming that two shirtless men hugging means that gay people are undignified is dishonest.
  3. Claiming that two shirtless men hugging represents debauchery is dishonest. Mr. DeMar should attend Mardis Gras next spring. Women bear their breasts to win the approval of men on floats who reward the partially naked women with strings of beads. And Mardis Gras is a religious event.
  4. Claiming that a sexual orientation that DeMar disapproves of is a “sexual lifestyle” is dishonest. Romantic attractions do not create a lifestyle. We are not defined by our sexual orientation. Tim Cook is defined by his responsibilities as CEO of Apple and the economic reality of earning nearly $16 million in 2018.
  5. Claiming that Pride is a celebration of sex acts is dishonest. It is also ludicrous.

Gary DeMar has an odd understanding of what bullying means:

Why is it that Kellogg’s is not advocating for people who are being bullied by homosexuals? Chick-fil-A was forced to close its newly opened store in the UK because of bullying tactics by homosexuals. Chick-Fil-A is bullied every time they open up a new restaurant. It’s happened several times in New York City:

The above is a dishonest comparison. A legitimate protest is not bullying. There is a considerable difference between a very successful company like Chick-fil-A and a fragile kid who happens to be gay or gender diverse. The intent of the Chick-fil-A protest is to modify the behavior of the company. In this case, to stop donating money to anti-LGBTQ hate groups. Something that they promised to do … and didn’t. Bullying a child because they are a sexual minority serves no legitimate purpose and is cruel. Again, Mr. DeMar is being intellectually dishonest.

Business owners in the United States have been sued because they refuse to promote sexual behavior that goes against their beliefs. One woman was fined $135,000 because she would not make a cake with a message she cannot support. There have been other similar legal suits by homosexual bullies.

The prosecution of someone who disobeys valid nondiscrimination laws is not bullying. Refusing service because a cake is to be consumed, or flowers are to be displayed, at a same-sex wedding means that the proprietor is engaged in a form of bullying. These laws are enacted by people who are freely elected. If they want to modify such laws to have a religious exemption (Christian Privilege) they are free to pull levers every November. It is profoundly dishonest to claim that service “promote[s] sexual behavior.” It is the customary confusion of service with approval.

Should a bakery owned by a homosexual be forced to make a cake that had an anti-homosexual message on it? Of course not. Should a Jewish-owned bakery be forced to make a cake for a Nazi-themed wedding? Should a black-owned bakery be forced to make a cake for a KKK-themed wedding?

Everyone should comply with applicable law. People who disapprove of gay people might not be a protected class. Neither Nazis nor Klansmen are members of a protected class. As I have said, I would bake a cake for Westboro Baptist Church. I do not equate service with approval or the denial of service as an opportunity to express disapproval which is what this nonsense is really all about.

There are homosexual bullies trying to put people out of business. Is Kellogg’s not interested in their plight?

That, too, is dishonest. Expecting people to obey the law is not an effort to put people out of business. Most religious people who own businesses are capable of understanding the difference between service and approval. They are in business to make a profit. A handful of people — nationwide — have a problem with serving sexual minorities based on how or where their product is to be consumed.

From here, DeMar goes off on a tangent about the bullying of Rand Paul and Trump. It is idiotic and I’m not going there.

Anti-bullying efforts are designed to protect children from abuse. If Mr. DeMar is upset that Kellogg’s anti-bullying endeavor is focused (perhaps) on LGBTQ kids then he should consider why LGBTQ kids are the usual targets of bullying. People like Gary DeMar create the need for programs that they loathe. Perhaps Mr. DeMar should consider how his dishonest and inflammatory rhetoric contributes to a problem that Kellogg’s is trying to solve.

Gary DeMar’s disdain for a program provides ample evidence of why that program is necessary in the first place. It is all so profoundly gratuitous.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.