“A sure sign of bullshit is evident when someone’s assumptions are stated as fact which is precisely what Katy Faust does over and over again.”
Katy Faust
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There is a disturbance to the Force. Christendom is in turmoil. I have a collection of hate mail which has become a sardonic source of amusement. Another two people demanded that I delete several posts. Demanded, mind you. The Texas mother of a 7-year-old trans girl has retained custody.

My inbox overflows. My news aggregator has become a source of fanciful fiction. You would think that this kindergartner was on the table; prepped for a penectomy … snip, snip. If these awful people gave a shit about the kid I might be more charitable. Their concern, however, is limited to the sanctity of scripture.

Katy Faust (of Ask the Bigot infamy) emerges from the digital debris. “Look at me!” Katy Faust writes: Why It’s Probably Not A Coincidence That The Mother Transing Her 7-Year-Old Isn’t Biologically Related. Faust’s offering represents a triumph of intellectual mediocrity. I’ll get there.

First the subtitle:

James’s non-biological parent’s willingness to risk her child’s long-term health struggle contrasts sharply with his biological parent’s desire to protect him.

According to Ms. Faust (much later on):

During her testimony Georgulas stated she is not the biological mother of James or his twin brother Jude. She purchased eggs from a biological stranger. This illuminates a well-known truth in the world of family and parenthood: biological parents are the most connected to, invested in, and protective of their children.

There is a link in the above to Faust’s blog where she compares the children of single parents to children raised by intact married couples. She compares children lining with mommy and cohabiting boyfriend to the Christian ideal. Children with an evil stepparent too. None of it has a damned thing to do with Faust’s favorite hobby: Discrediting artificial or assisted reproductive technology.

The best known study of children conceived through donated eggs, sperm or both
is probably the 2011 Golombok study from the U.K. At issue is not the comparative health of children born from donated eggs or sperm vs. natural born children but differences based on when and how conception information is shared with the kids. Openness is best. Overall, the health and well-being of children is related to the quality of their upbringing rather than biological connections.

But let’s back up. I will repeat a quote from Faust:

James’s non-biological parent’s willingness to risk her child’s long-term health struggle contrasts sharply with his biological parent’s desire to protect him.

Ms. Faust, with some help from scripture, has it ass backwards. Luna has been clinically diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The risk to “the the child’s long-term health” would be greatest if the condition were not treated and the only way to treat the condition is with gender affirmation. What daddy wants is to ignore the medical diagnosis. Doing so would potentially put the child’s very life at risk.

This entire polemic is on a downward slide:

The story of seven-year-old James, whom his mother has pressured to become “Luna,” has been all over my newsfeed.

This is a recurring theme. Supposedly Luna has transitioned under pressure from her mother. There does not exist a scrap of evidence to support that claim. Mr. Younger (a proven pathological liar) has stated that the child is male when she is with him. Thus it follows, according to lore, that the child is female with her mother because Mommy wants a daughter rather than a son.

The medical presumption is quite different. Children transition because they are in distress due to gender dysphoria. Could a sick parent impose a gender conflict. Perhaps. However, Luna has been examined by court-appointed clinicians. She also has been represented by her own lawyer ad litem with whom Luna meets privately. Luna would be desperate to live with her father because she would be experiencing induced gender dysphoria. There is no evidence to support any of that and the obvious reason is that none of it is remotely true.

Jeffrey Younger, James’s father, wants to keep his son’s body intact, while Anne Georgulas, James’s mother, wants to allow for “treatment” that would physically and chemically castrate him.

There is another recurring theme throughout the religious right that puberty blockers amount to chemical castration. That is deliberately false information. More importantly, Luna is about five years away from being prescribed puberty blockers if the condition persists.

In other words, it is not an issue and should it become an issue, puberty blockers do not do what Faust and her conservative Christian compatriots claim they do. This must have been a line at Breitbart or some equally intellectually stimulating outlet. Every religious nut-job writing about this saga has made the same ignorant misrepresentation.

The havoc that divorce wreaks in a child’s life is mainstage in this tragic case. …

Ah yes. The search for the underlying cause of gender dysphoria which, if found, can lead to talk therapy to cure the condition. Baloney! The fact that none of that nonsense is supported by research does not dissuade the faithful from claiming that they are worthy of the Nobel Prize in medicine. Anything goes if it prevents the sanctity of scripture from being challenged.

The drugs used in these so-called transgender “treatments” are off-label and largely untested on children. Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have significant long-term health risks and are often followed by the amputation of healthy, fully-functioning organs. The worst part? It’s entirely unnecessary.

Again, in five years we can discuss puberty blockers. We have eight or nine years before cross-sex hormones are possible. Faust’s sentence structure seems intended to cause one to believe that gender-affirming surgery is a consequence of medications. Most transgender people do not have surgery. Furthermore, contrary to Faust’s claim, these drugs have been thoroughly tested on children who have taken puberty blockers (GnRH agonists) for decades to treat precocious puberty and other conditions.

As with the overwhelming majority of kids who experience gender dysphoria, there’s a 88-98 percent chance that if doctors kept their hands off him, any transgender feelings James is experiencing would resolve on their own. But ideology rules…

More bullshit. Ms. Faust has not taken the time to understand the subject which she presumes to write about so authoritatively. In short, the persistence of gender dysphoria is directly related to its severity. Most kids who experience gender dysphoria are not affected to the point where they feel compelled to transition so the condition resolves without intervention. Children who do transition are in severe distress. They almost never desist.

If Luna desists she will change her hairstyle and apparel. Later on, if she is taking puberty blockers, they will be withdrawn and she will experience male puberty.

Faust goes on at considerable length to provide her usual talking points about children being bought and sold and so on. She disapproves of assisted or artificial reproductive technology to the point of having a fetish. Eventually — after working herself into a lather — she concludes:

Is it any surprise that a woman who expected her child to conform to the family she wanted despite injury to his natural rights also believes that his sex should conform to her ideological bent, despite injury to his natural body? Both stem from the same mentality: “This child exists for my fulfillment.”

On Thursday the judge will rule on James’s case. We can only hope that she has more respect for this child’s natural rights and natural body than his mother does.

Ms. Faust clearly knows nothing about gender dysphoria. Are views seem to be an amalgam of superstition and anti-ART advocacy. Faust is smart enough not to make all of these idiotic assumptions. She has never met or spoken with Dr. Anne Georgulas who is a prominent pediatrician.

Faust has no basis on which to assert that she knows Dr. Georgulas’ expectations for her family or children. Faust has no evidence to support her contention that Dr. Georgulas is an adherent to some aberrant ideology that guides her parenting. Faust has no evidence whatsoever from which she can deduce Dr. Georgulas’ motivations.

These are all assumptions. A sure sign of bullshit is evident when someone’s assumptions are stated as fact which is precisely what Katy Faust does over and over again. She does so to satisfy her own agenda. Faust describes Dr. Georgulas as some kind of sick narcissist. Yet it is Ms. Faust who is demonstrating illness. She has an unhealthy obsession.

One day we should explore the health of Faust’s children. What are the chances that they are acutely neurotic?

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