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The latest pay-mail from Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: lives RUINED. Brown spent all of his caps money on “ruined,” requiring him to forgo capitalizing the “l” in “lives.” I really take exception to people telling me what I believe when I do not:

I’ve written before about how LGBT activists deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that males and females are very different in virtually every aspect of their being. These differences are innate and immutable and go well beyond the reproductive organs that a person is born with. They include cellular, muscular, and skeletal differences, and even include brain function, the different ways men and women perceive sight and sound, process information, respond to aggression, display emotions and interact with children. It simply is scientifically impossible for a person of one sex to “transition” to being the opposite sex. All they can do is attempt to imitate the opposite sex through the use of powerful drug and hormone therapies, and debilitating surgeries.

Calm down Sparky. No one debates the existence of chromosomal realities. No one. However, the scientific consensus on gender is overwhelming and unambiguous. Gender and natal sex are separate constructs. When they are incongruent and causing significant discomfort (in about 0.5% of the population), gender usually prevails.

The scientific consensus is what it is regardless of the beliefs of Brian S. Brown, the teachings of the Catholic Church or the opinions of the pope himself.

There is also an overwhelming consensus among medical scientists regarding how gender incongruence (gender dysphoria) should be treated if the condition is creating significant distress. That treatment methodology is gender affirmation.

Medical science acts in the best interests of patients. Religious approval is not required. The accepted method of treating gender dysphoria is subject neither to the whims of the Church nor the opinions of the pope who is a catechist and theologian, not a medical doctor.

Attending to a medical condition in accordance with religious dogma defines superstition in contrast to faith. If Mr. Brown or someone at the Vatican wishes to publish a conflicting study to a peer-reviewed academic journal then they should. The Church certainly has the funds to do so. But they have chosen not to fund research to support their dogmatic assumptions.

We also know from scientific research that there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that people can be born “trapped in the wrong body.” LGBT leaders and groups deny this vociferously because it undercuts the entire premise of gender ideology. They work overtime using well-worn tactics of intimidation and shaming to shut down any public discussion about the true nature of gender dysphoria, the medical condition that impacts people who claim to be transgender. Their tactics enjoy the support of allies in the traditional media, as well as social media platforms.

Bullshit! There is a mountain of scientific evidence to support the concept of gender as distinct from natal sex. There is nothing to deny. To quote an informative New York Times article:

Defining gender as a condition determined strictly by a person’s genitals is based on a notion that doctors and scientists abandoned long ago as oversimplified and often medically meaningless.

Why then is Brian S. Brown promoting ideas that have been long dismissed by science? Could it be religious ideology?

Some guy, according to Brown, was victimized by Twitter. Why bother with something that irrelevant?

I suppose that if people send Brown some money, NOM can change the science to something that he and the Church like:

The advance of gender ideology and the shutdown of critical inquiry into it have hurt innumerable people, many for life. Not only have countless Americans with traditional values been targeted for attack, but even those who genuinely struggle with issues of gender confusion have been swept up by the movement.

Gender is not an ideology. The catechism of the Catholic Church is an ideology. Someone who cannot distinguish between medical science and a belief system cannot assert, with any confidence, that nefarious forces have conspired to interfere with scientific research. Nor can he claim that there are victims of science.

Brown certainly should not claim that religious people are somehow targets for attack. Furthermore, someone claiming that the existing science doesn’t exist should be reluctant to rename a medical condition in unscientific terms. “Gender confusion” is not to be found in the literature. Perhaps that is why Mr. Brown cannot find evidence in spite of its abundance.

A young woman recently wrote an article detailing her experience with her gender confusion. After seeing countless stories on Instagram and other social media about people who had “solved” their gender issues by medically transitioning, she decided to do the same thing. Her decision was applauded by those on social media …

There is no link to this supposed article. There is a reason for that.

Now, two years later after beginning the process of transitioning to a “trans-male,” she describes it as the greatest mistake of her young life. “Two years ago, I was a healthy, beautiful girl heading toward high school graduation. Before long, I turned into an overweight, pre-diabetic nightmare of a transgender man.”

It would seem that this person did something at around 13 years of age. What that is, I do not know. Who she is we do not know. Whether or not she really exists is unknown. There are doctors like Michael K. Laidlaw falsifying stories around the Internet to spread misinformation about gender identity. Like Brown, Laidlaw is a Defender of the Faith.

No one has ever said that medical science is perfect. Not all doctors are proficient. The aforementioned Dr. Laidlaw, for example, is an endocrinologist who is not board certified. This is what I do know:

  • There are clinicians who specialize in juvenile gender dysphoria.
  • These include psychiatrists, psychologists, endocrinologists and internists.
  • A qualified clinician can objectively diagnose gender dysphoria in children.
  • That same clinician is capable of appreciating the severity of the condition.
  • Gender specialists are not predisposed to diagnose gender dysphoria. The religious right would like people to believe otherwise.
  • Parents must approve most treatments. Parents are also supposed to be the firewall by insisting on second opinions.
  • Children with gender dysphoria are the recipients of continuous counseling; before, during and after a possible transition.

Mr. Brown continues:

It’s a tragedy that so many lives are being ruined by the advance of transgender ideology. What’s worse, though, is that virtually every Democrat in Congress is committed to making the expression of skepticism or opposition to transgenderism illegal as sex discrimination…

“So many?” That must be why desistance rates are minuscule. More bullshit from Brown with the wrong definition of what constitutes discrimination.

From there Brown is off on an Equality Act excursion. I have left out a half dozen or so clickable buttons. You get the idea.

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By David Cary Hart

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