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Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) has a fondness for calling gay men pedophiles. That makes Perkins an irredeemable bigot who long ago prioritized greed over religious reverence. The basic process of separating gullible people from their money rarely changes:

  1. Make them fearful.
  2. Make them victims of godless LGBTQ people.
  3. Make narrow-minded “values” a virtue.
  4. Make them accept Tony Perkins as their savior … if only the target will make the small sacrifice of donating a few dollars

Tony Perkins — who has direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan — is content to have his organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in perpetuity.

Tuesday’s hate-mail is titled: LGBT activists are grooming young children. Help us expose them!

As a parent, I will do anything to protect my children. Won’t you? That’s why this email is so important.

There is a coordinated movement to not only oppose the biblical worldview but also groom younger generations to accept dangerous ideas about gender and sexual identity.

Of course one can donate all of their assets to FRC and doing so will not do anything to protect the donor’s children. Perkins is claiming that there is some kind of conspiracy to corrupt our youth. Combined with the prior use of the word “grooming” a cynical Tony Perkins wants people to infer that a sinister cabal is trying to turn their kids into gay or transgender children.

Public libraries around the country are hosting Drag Queen Story Hours — another example of your tax dollars being used to fund a liberal, immoral agenda.

The above goes on for several paragraphs. Bigotry is immoral. Teaching kids that people are not bad just because they are different is invaluable. It is a lesson that Tony Perkins never learned. Getting kids interested in their library and in reading is something that all of Perkins’ audience would benefit from more than the hate and discord that Perkins spews.

If you think that the lessons of Drag Queen Story Hour are all wrong, then don’t attend the events with your children. Do not dare to interfere with the rights of other parents to educate their children and to encourage their curiosity.

Moreover, there is nothing immoral about entertainers who are drag queens. Rudy Giuliani used to love to show up at tony events in drag. I do not recall anyone calling Rudy a danger to innocent children who might become confused.

Later on:

In Houston, Texas, a public library was making plans to host a Drag Queen Story Hour but was preempted by a vigilant pro-family group that discovered the library failed to complete a background check on the individual — who turned out to be a convicted sex offender.

There is some truth to the above. That supposedly “pro-family” group was a vile hate group, Mass Resistance. Months prior to this discovery, the Houston sponsors began doing background checks of every reader. The individual involved had appeared before the new policy took effect.

The reason that Mass Resistance had a list of past performers was document discovery in Christopher v. Lawson, a lawsuit seeking an injunction against DQSH events. The author of the (dismissed) suit was none other than disbarred Tennessee attorney Mark Christopher Sevier. One of the plaintiffs was a member of Mass Resistance. No child was harmed as a result of the oversight.

Getting back to Mr. Perkins (emphasis per original):

Enough is enough!

These are not educational story hours;these are indoctrination hours and in some cases situations in which sexual predators are being given access to vulnerable children. We must speak out and protect our kids!

FRC’s experts are working diligently on your behalf to expose these events… [and] the dangerous consequences of the LGBT ideology …

If teaching kids to be kind to people who are different is indoctrination then we need more of it. But Perkins knows that “grooming” and “indoctrination” are loaded words. Just who are “FRC’s experts?” Does anyone at FRC know the first thing about sociology or human sexuality? Furthermore, who among Perkins’ constituents, needs FRC to keep them from taking their kid to one of these events? Intellectual curiosity, alone, scares the living crap out of these people.

Perkins’ framing of sexual orientation and gender identity as an “ideology” is spectacularly stupid. It is just parroting others in the right-wing echo chamber who are bent on turning science into a debatable doctrine. They know that they cannot compete with evidence-based science. They cannot make evidence disappear.

Not only is Perkins attempting to turn science into a philosophy but he is claiming that there are “dangerous consequences” to its adherents. Frankly, the most dangerous consequence of being a gay or transgender person is the possibility that one might encounter a blowhard like Tony Perkins. Perkins’ bigotry poses a very real danger to LGBTQ people. It forms the basis for repression, intolerance and even violence.

… The LGBT agenda is in full force, and it is aimed at the youngest and most innocent among us. …

They have trained themselves to avoid writing Homosexual Agenda which originally meant the supposed determination of gay men to rape young boys in order to “recruit” them. It’s comparable to pretty-much the same Calvinists claiming decades ago that African-American men are dogged in their pursuit of white women to rape. Times change but Perkins continues to insist that LGBTQ people pose a danger to children.

I can highlight something that is more pernicious:

I have no idea what this was about:

Blogger Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy, has been using her network of supporters to call local libraries and express their opposition to Drag Queen Story Hours.

She recently pushed back against a private business that was scheduled to host a drag queen event that would feature a nine-year-old boy dressed in women’s clothing. Thanks to Elizabeth Johnston’s courage to speak out against the exploitation of the young child, the event was canceled.

I don’t think that this had anything to do with Desmond is Amazing. What I do know is that Desmond has amazing parents who are fiercely protective of him. Desmond has never been exploited. I give Johnston credit for being a social media superstar. Hers is an audience that is easy to please.

When we push back and stand boldly against this dangerous agenda, we protect our children and uphold the biblical worldview. Will you join us as we protect the next generation?


People read this crap and nod their heads in agreement. Some will send Perkins some money. They do not know what the “dangerous agenda” is. They just believe that it exists. Furthermore, many very pious people have dramatically different notions of what constitutes a “biblical worldview.” Perkins’ view is based on distrust, hate, divisiveness, dishonesty and money. It’s not very enviable.

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By David Cary Hart

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