“I believe in the effectiveness of human sacrifice to appease the gods.”

“Proof” mind you. Evidence exists!

Who but the inordinately homophobic and transphobic Larry Tomczak is stupid enough to offer these words of wisdom? These people have been claiming that The End Is Near for 2,000 years. They remain undeterred by the fact that we are still around. Eventually — due to people like Trump — climate change, war, famine and other disasters will probably conspire to end our existence.

Trump is about as Christian as I am; about as righteous as Bill Maher. It might take a few decades but history is likely to consider Trump the very worst of our now 45 presidents. Exactly why his impeachment would piss off the deity to the point where s/he would push the destruct button is anyone’s guess. But Larry has all the answers:

What could be more compelling than passages from scripture?

Amid the caustic charade continuing to divide America and attempting to impeach President Trump, a veteran pastor said to me today, “These are perilous times!” I replied, “Ray, 2 Timothy 3:1, ‘Know this: In the last days perilous times will come.'”

Particularly when someone is talking to himself:

“Larry, stop! I want to be encouraged!” Absolutely, but it’s vital to understand encouragement and perseverance together as a “tag team” helping us remain harmonious and hopeful. “Now may the God of perseverance and encouragement grant you to live in harmony” (Rom. 15:5a).

While redefining what a realist is:

We should be optimists, not pessimists, but we also must be realists. Legislation and education are not the solutions to our problems but regeneration—the transformative message of the gospel. Yet we’re called to be “salt” in society recognizing our dual citizenship in what Augustine called the “city of God and the city of man.”

Eventually (I am giving this a generous drivelectomy) We are to blame, at least in part:

Ominous storm clouds are on the horizon: overt hostility to Christian values; allegations destroying reputations without due process; incivility, angry protests and boycotts of businesses; far-left politicians, celebrities and educators hammering godless socialism, abortion on demand, infanticide, physician-assisted suicide, drug legalization and sexual anarchy; nonstop mockery and mean-spirited attacks upon our president; corruption of the media; LGBTQ propagandizing of children in schools; libraries and shopping malls now hosting drag queen shows as entertainment (The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 19, 2019).

Yes indeed! Criticizing Trump for telling some 14,000 lies is a form of gratuitous mockery. Calling Trump to account for trading military assistance in exchange for foreign meddling in our elections is “mean spirited.” I am reminded that Tomczak said that President Obama is a Muslim.

Tomczak never does what he promises to do in his title. He never explains why the impeachment of Trump will piss of his deity to the point of pushing the plunger. The remainder of this idiotic (and lengthy) diatribe is the usual combination of self-victimization and lack of humility.

But I have a solution! I believe in the effectiveness of human sacrifice to appease the gods. Maybe we can offer up Larry Tomczak and enjoy another few decades of existence on planet Earth.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.