Some people cannot accept the simple truth that we live in a diverse secular society.

Friday, Brittany Jones of Family Policy Alliance has authored Keep the Faith in Kansas: Your Home. It is unfocused anti-LGBTQ bombast.

Family Policy Alliance was formed by Focus on the Family and operates out of Focus on the Family facilities. Family Policy Alliance acts as the 501(c)4 political affiliate of Focus on the Family although, on its tax return, it does not show Focus on the Family as a related organization. Family Policy Alliance has been promoting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric that is indistinguishable from the rantings of Family Research Council.

…we’ll be looking at how the LGBTQ agenda effects your ability to parent your children and the ability of individuals to think and speak for themselves.

LGBTQ+ activists take no prisoners – they insist that society completely agrees with their ideology or they will keep pushing until it does. It isn’t just about compelling what businesses, schools, or churches do or say. They also want to compel what you teach your children in your home and restrict the medical treatment your or your child are allowed to seek.

LGBTQ Agenda™ is as obnoxious as its predecessor, the infamous Homosexual Agenda. Ms. Jones is wed to the notion that sexuality she disapproves of represents an ideology. It is as idiotic as suggesting that there is a red hair ideology. The difference, of course, is that people with red hair do not face discrimination. On the other hand, LGBTQ people are routinely discriminated against. Jones’ confusion stems from the fact that her entire life is governed by a certain religious ideology.

We sure as hell are not interested in “agreement.” I suppose she means that we seek her approval. Ms. Jones — presumably a literalist Christian — would be heartbroken if she accepted the truth which is that we have no interest in her approval. Nor the approval of anyone else. We are seeking the constitutional guarantees of Equal Protection and Due Process.

Businesses are not victims of LGBTQ people. Nor are schools. We have no control whatsoever over what “churches do or say.” We have no power, and seek no power, to compel what anyone teaches children in their home. Ms. Jones knows all that but dishonest hyperbole abounds when her ilk are criticizing LGBTQ people. They get a permissions slip to be full of crap in order to convince people that we pose a peril to their lives.

Speaking of bullshit sous vide:

Several states have already passed laws that ban basic talk therapy to alleviate unwanted sexual attractions. Kansas City, Missouri was even talking about passing a measure like this to ban patients from receiving the therapy of their choice if the outcome didn’t agree with the government’s agenda.

These laws ban basic talk therapy if it is intended to help a person get rid of unwanted sexual attraction. This would ban helping a person struggling with same sex attraction or gender confusion but could also ban helping someone with unwanted pornography or sex addiction. Individuals who are struggling with these addictions should be able to receive counseling to live according to their faith.

Existing laws ban juvenile conversion therapy because it is toxic and it doesn’t work. Jones and her ilk press the issue because the existence of conversion therapy provides a means of asserting that sexuality is a choice. If it is a choice then, according to them, it is not due nondiscrimination protections. I have yet to entertain a coherent argument explaining why religion — which is a choice — deserves protections while immutable sexuality does not. But I digress. Conversion therapy is ineffective and extremely harmful to children.

Every mainstream professional medical and counseling association opposes the use of conversion therapy. Their opposition is not political correctness as the conservative Christians dishonestly claim. The opposition is based entirely on science.

The LGBTQ agenda is striking even closer to home for some parents as they are being punished for raising their children in accordance with their faith. In some states, even conservative ones, some courts are beginning to question whether a child should be allowed to be around a parent who affirms a child’s God given biology. Some have said affirming a child’s God given design is abuse.

There is exactly one case to support this claim. A child with severe gender dysphoria, several hospital visits and one or more suicide attempts was permitted to live with her maternal grandmother which she was already doing. Very few children have acute gender dysphoria. However it is a fact that kids die due to their parents’ obsession with ancient texts. Gender affirmation is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Do parents have a right to kill their children over superstition? That is the potential result of their desires.

Businesses are being pushed to speak messages they disagree with. Teachers and employers are being forced to speak messages they disagree with – such as using pronouns that do not match the biological identity of the person. Thankfully some courts are beginning to recognize the impact these laws have speech rights, parental rights, and other of our sacred rights.

Businesses in some locales are prohibited from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. I have pronoun fatigue. Addressing people, particularly young people, by gender-appropriate pronouns becomes a component of their behavioral health. What is the big fucking deal with being courteous? One does not have to approve of transgender people to address people properly.

The opprobrium is all based on Genesis 1:27 which says that their god created males and females. Most rational people understand that a transgender woman is, for all intents and purposes, a woman because gender prevails over chromosomes. Misgendering transgender people does violence to them. It is no different than people calling me a kike or faggot or faggot-kike.

I do not care because I have fully developed ego strengths. Young transgender people are far more fragile and vulnerable. What happened to the Golden Rule? If people like Jones insist that gender is not a separate construct from natal sex they pose an argumentum ad ignorantiam; an argument from ignorance. Unlike just being stupid their argument becomes a precept for conduct that is harmful to others. Does that define the proverbial “Good Christian?”

The culture is truly trying to push our families to cave on these important issues. LGBTQ activists want to steal the narrative by teaching our kids and the culture as a whole that biblical truth is outdated and bigoted. We cannot expect the courts or others to defend our rights. It is important that we take back the narrative and teach our children the biblical truth on these topics. It is why organizations like ours exist, to help educate and embolden you to stand strong and take action in your own home and the world you influence.

The phrase “biblical truth” is telling. We have no interest in changing religious belief. Belief does not justify conduct that is harmful to others. There are evangelical Christians who believe that Jews and Catholics are evil. There are people whose religious beliefs cause them to disapprove of African-Americans, interracial marriage and inter-faith marriages.

Furthermore, Brittany Jones is a hypocrite with her biblical truth nonsense. Were she to conform to biblical truth she would be in prison with a life sentence or awaiting execution. Jones is a selective observer just like everyone else. She doesn’t advocate murdering insolent children or brides who are not virgins but she extends the (possible) prohibition of gay sex to her dishonest tirades about LGBTQ people.

It is Ms. Jones who poses a peril to others. Ms. Jones is a bigot and a hater which she justifies with her interpretation of scripture; one that is not universally accepted. Family Policy Alliance should be deemed an anti-LGBTQ hater.
Just in passing I made a FOIA request last week of documents related to Focus on the Family’s designation by the IRS as a church.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.