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Scott Lively isn’t stupid. He’s just batshit crazy.

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Monday, Scott Lively of Pink Swastika fame offers up: Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda. (It is subsequent to Chic-Fil-A’s Betrayal Goes Much Deeper Than We Thought, oh my.) I have the clear sense that Mr. Lively does not know that he is a fruitcake.

As Lively explains, this is the title of a 2009 book that he authored. The poor thing is a victim of persecution:

In 2009 I wrote and published this textbook on pro-family advocacy, which I adapted from the thesis I wrote for my Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree in 2007. Importantly, the information contained in Redeeming the Rainbow is not simply the regurgitation of others’ work or the theories of a sequestered academic: it is the fruit of my own missionary efforts as a front-lines culture warrior around the world and its insights and conclusions are hard-earned and forged in the fire of persecution.

I have not read this book but I can tel you that Lively’s homophobic zealotry includes promoting the idea that gay men are pedophiles. Lively has devoted considerable energy to re-criminalizing homosexuality to the extent that in some cases gay people might be destined to serve life sentences. In Uganda, Lively convinced government officials that white people from North America were determined to unravel the social fabric of the country by spreading “the disease of homosexuality.”

I could go on at considerable length. Lively is not stupid. He is just batshit crazy. Perhaps he is insecure over his own sexuality. Perhaps he found that extreme homophobia provided much-needed attention. Who knows. He continues:

Indeed, my first use of this textbook in a classroom setting (of teachers and civil servants) was in early 2009 in Kampala, Uganda during the final pre-publication stage of its development. My truthful and well-reasoned teachings were so threatening to the LGBT movement they triggered immediate international outrage by the global LGBT movement, which went nuclear after Uganda falsely blamed my teachings as the impetus for an overly harsh anti-homosexuality law that came out a week after I left the country.

“Truthful and well-reasoned?” Who could possibly doubt such self-praise? This coming from a guy who claims that the Nazis were gay activists who wiped out the Jews of Europe because Judaism opposes homosexuality. Lively is also obsessed with the idiotic idea that gay people recruit children which implies that gay people cause kids to become gay. But I digress.

What people found threatening was not Lively’s abject stupidity but a draconian law in Uganda that made homosexuality punishable by life in prison. In some cases it was punishable by death. Why would Uganda lie as he is claiming? Lively held marathon sessions with influential people and the Ugandan parliament. He also did a five hour televised lecture.

Lively got precisely what he wanted. He just does not want to take responsibility for his sociopathy. If you really want to read what Lively calls a textbook, it is available for download here.

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