I will be brief. Someone by the name of Georgi Boorman recently switched from writing anti-choice diatribes to anti-LGBTQ tirades. The latest of these is titled: Transgender Activist Jessica Yaniv ‘Shocked’ Gynecologists Don’t Treat Men. The subtitle of this screed reads:

Citizens of liberal democracies should take note: Jessica Yaniv is the future, personified, if we continue down this path. The further a society moves from the truth, the closer it moves to tyranny.

First the title. Transgender women who have had gender confirmation surgery should periodically see a gynecologist. As WPATH explains:

Gynecologic care may be necessary for transsexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming
people of both sexes. … For MtF patients, such care is needed after genital surgery. While
many surgeons counsel patients regarding postoperative urogenital care, primary care clinicians
and gynecologists should also be familiar with the special genital concerns of this population.

If Ms. Boorman had curiosity greater than the average earthworm she might have learned that. Of course, her polemic is not about the medical care of transgender people. Rather, it is an attempt to ridicule transgender people, presumably to convey religious disapproval. I would give her some leeway if she referred to her subject as a transgender woman. She refers to her as a man.

On to the subtitle. When people use the word “truth” in that form it expresses a conviction that religious dogma prevails over evidence. Boorman’s truth is defined by doctrine or philosophy in contrast to anything supported by evidence. For Scientologists that means that psychiatrists are the most evil people on the planet. For Christians at the lunatic fringe the very existence of transgender people poses a peril because of the supposed conflict with Genesis 1:27.

It is important to understand that L. Ron Hubbard devotees are just as certain as the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops. My maternal grandparents kept kosher. I, on the other hand, make certain that pork is cooked to 160 degrees (although many cookbooks say 145).

Further evidence that the author resides within the lunatic fringe is provided by her claim that the existence of transgender people is causing society to “move to tyranny.” I know, she is really referring to nondiscrimination laws but there is that assertion of truth to contend with.

Tyranny is depicted by cruel and excessive government. You will forgive me if I am unable to find the connective tissue between the gynecological needs of trans women and government that is cruel and excessive.

If anything is ever edited at The Federalist, the process is ineffective. I did promise to be brief.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.