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Robert Oscar Lopez is an ex-bisexual who became a prominent anti-LGBTQ bigot, particularly in regards to marriage equality. Lopez came unglued five or six years ago and became obsessed with gay people. All the while Lopez was writing semi-pornographic, gay oriented pulp fiction.

Lopez was a tenured associate professor of English at California State University, Northridge. Lopez left CalState in 2016 under a cloud of anti-LGBTQ controversy. Speculation at the time was that he left before he got canned which requires extreme misconduct for tenured faculty. Lopez subsequently became became a professor of humanities at a college run by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

It turns out that on November 29 Robert Oscar Lopez was terminated from his job. Happy thanksgiving! Lopez hired a PR firm and made a number of accusations. According to an official statement by SBTS:

Finally, although Dr. Lopez’s position is being eliminated due to changing program needs of our college, our decision was undergirded by his own actions, which included his failure to comply with basic administrative policies, his being the subject of regular complaints from students and faculty colleagues, and, in the end, his refusal even to attend meetings with his supervisors. While it is unfortunate when any institutional position must be eliminated, I am confident this decision is in the best interests of the students we are educating for Gospel ministry and this institution.

In the statement Provost Randy L. Stinson stressed that Lopez was not terminated due to his views about gay people. At the core of the statement is the seminary’s expression of biblical values regarding human sexuality. While leaders of the seminary are presumably more rational about LGBTQ people their beliefs coincide with those of Lopez.

Friday, one of LifeSiteNews’ village idiots — Dorothy Cummings McLean — offers: Ex-gay professor: I was fired from Southern Baptist seminary for expressing truth about gays. I do not think that Robert Oscar Lopez is lying. Rather, I think that he cannot accept the truth that he was fired for his administrative and academic failures. I guess you could say that Lopez is delusional which is consistent with many of the absolutely batshit things that he has stated over the years.

Enter — of all people — AFA’s Bryan Fischer who defines the lunatic fringe.

After months of increasing tension between Lopez and seminary administration, the ax fell on November 29, the day after American Thanksgiving.

“I was fired because I was expressing the truth about the homosexual community,” Lopez told LifeSiteNews.

On December 4, Lopez gave an explosive interview with American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer in which he suggested that not only Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but also the current leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, were wavering in their Biblical stance on homosexuality. During the “Focal Point with Bryan Fischer” show, Lopez said he thought the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, was going to “flip on homosexuality.”

Again, he is probably being truthful, as only he knows the truth. Lopez has always been impervious to evidence.

It is some sort of conspiracy!

Lopez told LifeSiteNews, as he told Fischer, that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) will deny that they’re abandoning Biblical teaching.

He told Fischer, “They’re going to talk out of both sides of their mouth. They’re going to want to continue to get the donations, the tithes, the financial support from the conservative Baptists in the pews who want to hear that they’re defending Biblical marriage, but they also want to have all the political connections and the grants and the prestige of working with the pro-gay liberal Christian groups who have a lot of money.”

Another issue, Lopez told LifeSiteNews, is that there are many closeted homosexuals in the SBC, and pro-LGBT leaders are “protecting the people that they know.”

There are closeted gay people throughout conservative Christendom in the same percentage as the general population. Lopez is correct that there a likely to be closeted gay people in the SBC. Lopez probably has no way of knowing who they are and how many of them there are.

Lopez always was a proponent of pray-away-the-gay:

Lopez is firmly committed to the belief that people can, as he did, change their homosexual inclinations into opposite-sex inclinations with the help of God and the Christian community. He told LifeSiteNews that telling children that they are “born gay” ― for which there is no scientific evidence ― is a form of abuse. He is concerned that a false normalization of homosexuality will creep into Biblical Christianity.

“We need to defend against gay youth groups in the churches,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Most of the people who express opinions about being born gay are those who do not want to accept the scientific realities of sexual orientation. No one is born gay. Sexual orientation forms at about two years of age. Lopez is bisexual. He chooses not to act on his gay attractions. It is easier for a bisexual person to do that because he can still be romantically attracted to women and he can still be sexually satisfied.

Let me cut through the crap and relate a personal story

Some years ago one of my managers (I was a chief operating officer at the time) fired a black man for good cause while he was still a probationary employee and replaced him with a black woman. Nevertheless, the man claimed that he was terminated due to racial bias.

I found myself, with our labor lawyer, at the New York City Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. At the time I was trying to hire a new CFO and, with routine responsibilities, I had a very full calendar. I was not pleased.

During the meeting I rejected every demand — firmly. Reinstatement: NO! Severance pay: NO! This went on until the hearing officer asked if I would settle on a neutral reference. I said no. My lawyer — who was also a friend — asked the hearing officer if he could meet with me for a couple of moments in private. We went out into the hall. I started to say something and he said “shut the fuck up I don’t want to hear it.”

He then informed me that I was being a “prick” and that I was going to settle the matter with a neutral reference. He was right and I did having wasted several hours.

The point of this story is that it is part of the fabric of our society that people do not accept responsibility for their screw-ups. Every fired employee blames the company or their manager or a co-worker or the color of the carpet or, … something beyond their reasonable control. It wasn’t their fault. It never is.

Robert Oscar Lopez is trying to blame the Southern Baptist Convention for his failures at a college that is part of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It makes no sense. Having ruined his academic career, Lopez will go to his grave with the conviction that it was not his fault. Nothing is ever his fault.

The bad news for us is that, without an academic appointment (hard to get after two consecutive termination), Lopez will end up at an anti-LGBTQ hate group that will believe that he is a victim of LGBTQ people. Lopez is deranged and we may very well become recipients of his intellectual impoverishment.

By the way, I have been shown the door more than once. In one instance I think that I was fired only because shooting me might have ruined the wallpaper. It’s part of life.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.