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Jonathon Van Maren

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Fundamentalist Catholics are literally obsessed with 0.5% of the population; those who are transgender. According to their religious beliefs, transgender people do not exist. Thus they are obsessed with people who “identify” as transgender. According to professional Catholic, Jonathon Van Maren: 12-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl wants womb transplant so he can be ‘mother’ someday.

Before I go further, most Catholics do not think this way. Van Maren resides within the lunatic fringe and he doesn’t think at all. Obviously that headline has no connection to reality. A 12-year-old is capable of understanding that eventual gender confirmation surgery (in her majority) is not going to make her capable of bearing children.

Womb transplants for transgender women are theoretically possible but not even at proof-of-concept stage. It would require multiple surgeries with long intervening healing times and would be prohibitively expensive. Moreover the patient would require massive doses of anti-rejection medications which would make her vulnerable to numerous infections.

Van Maren prattles on:

The Telegraph is reporting that a 12-year-old boy in the U.K. has begun taking puberty blockers because his mother claims that the child knew from the age of three that he wanted to be a girl rather than a boy. Ash Lammin is embarking on this journey of gender transition with the support of his mom and a clinic run by the National Health Service, which is now also in the business of poisoning and amputating healthy body parts

First of all 12-years-of age is about right for the introduction of puberty blockers. However she is not receiving puberty blockers because of any beliefs on the part of the mother. Moms’ beliefs are not part of the diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Furthermore, the child did not know that “he wanted to be a girl.” The child was quote certain that she was, in fact, a girl. These are not choices that people make. Persistence of gender incongruence is directly related to severity and obviously the condition has persisted over nine years.

I suppose that “poisoning” means hormones and “amputating” refers to gender confirmation surgery. Van Maren needs to express his disapproval; not due to any concerns for people but because gender-affirming procedures conflict with Church teachings.

According to Terri Lammin, her son had insisted he was a girl from “the moment she could speak” at three-years-old, and Ash’s mum obediently changed her child’s name from “Ashley” to “Ashton” by deed poll at the age of eight. Ash will now embark on at least six years of puberty blockers, which will permanently change his body, before deciding whether to get “bottom surgery,” which includes the surgical removal of his male genitals and the creation of a facsimile vagina. Ash is one of over a thousand children in the UK getting “treated” with puberty blockers, and one of about 230 so far under the age of 14.

Three-years-of age is when gender would emerge as a construct. A three year old probably thinks that it is perfectly normal to be a girl with boy genitals. Puberty blockers do not permanently change a child’s body. She will likely be taking puberty blockers for three or four years (not six) at which time she might begin taking hormones. Van Maren is talking about gender confirmation surgery for its shock value. Most transgender people do not have surgery and it is generally appropriate only for adults.

As for children under 14 who receive puberty blockers, calendar age is irrelevant. Treatment is determined by developmental age. Regarding puberty doctors rely on what is called the child’s Tanner stage (one to five). Depending upon locale, puberty blockers are introduced at Tanner stage two to three. In other words, the child will have entered puberty.

Puberty blockers are very important because they prevent the development of opposite sex characteristics which only increase the child’s distress. For example if a trans boy develops breast tissue that can cause extreme anxiety. Furthermore, the closer in appearance that people are to their gender has a direct effect on quality of life. If the child stops taking puberty blockers they will experience puberty.

After writing at some length about rented wombs:

Over in the Scientific American this month, you’ll find a fascinating article titled “Taking Sex Differences in Personality Seriously,” … The first several paragraphs are dedicated to recognizing the controversy around gender, as the LGBTQ movement has now labeled any science that inconveniences their ideological agenda as hate speech. The forces of science have now been marshaled into service to assist men and women with gender dysphoria in having children at all costs, but revelations about inherent gender differences are cast aside.

Van Maren has a problem with reading comprehension. Gender identity is present only in the end notes of the article. I have no idea what Van Maren is referring to with “science that inconveniences their ideological agenda.” Gender is not an ideology and Van Maren does not cite peer-reviewed research at odds with our current understanding of gender. We all agree that gender differences exist. In fact that is what the Scientific American article is about.

As for the hate speech that Van Maren refers to; well, he has some expertise in that area. He is marginalizing and denigrating a minority group that he disapproves of in the service of religion. Facts and science are irrelevant to Van Maren which is why he cannot cite science that he either likes or doesn’t like.

Ash Lammin, the little boy taking puberty blockers with the help of his mother and the NHS, has said that when he grows up, he “eventually wants a womb transplant so that she can be a mother when she’s older.” And where did he get this idea from? Trans activists who say that as soon as it is possible, the government is obligated to provide free wombs to biological men who are attempting to transition to female.

She is on puberty blockers because she has a life threatening condition that requires the administration of puberty
blockers. Religious dogma is irrelevant. Whether or not some day the British National Health Service will be required to provide womb transplants has very little relevance to the life of a 12-year-old transgender girl.

She would be best served with the absence of religious opprobrium. People like Jonathon Van Maren promote and excuse bigotry based on religious belief. His intolerance perfectly captures the difference between faith and superstition. Faith adjusts to reality. In this case the fact that gender is a separate construct from natal sex is an unrebuttable scientific reality. It’s nothing new. Medical science began to understand this concept more than 100 years ago.

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