Robert R. Reilly
Robert R. Reilly is obsessively distraught over gay people and Muslims

Robert R. Reilly, the crank behind the aggrandized Catholic World Report, has authored: A Buttigieg Hallmark Christmas. We get it. the Catholic Church does not approve of gay people for reasons that are contrary to well established science. Gay people, the Church claims, are “objectively disordered.” Presumably Mr. Reilly, is jealous of Mr. Buttigieg.

Reilly probably asks himself: “How can a pervert homosexual be so much more important than I am?” Were you a Rhodes Scholar Mr. Reilly? Held elective office? Run for president?

Nothing could illustrate more powerfully how far the rationalization for homosexual behavior has embedded itself in American life than presidential candidacy of Pete Buttigieg, an activist who insists another man is his “wife” and who is intent on transforming an individual lie into a collective one in the souls of us all.

Politico describes Buttigieg as “the 37-year-old husband of a man who teaches Montessori middle school and with whom he hopes to parent children.” Chasten Glezman is pretending to be a woman so he can be the “wife” in this arrangement. Buttigieg is also pretending that Glezman is a woman. If they engage in sodomy – the defining act of homosexual behavior – then they are both pretending that a certain bodily aperture is actually a vagina…

Needless to say, Reilly claims to know a great deal about the relationships of gay people. Does conservative Christianity really license this kind of bigotry? Smearing gay people is a defense of the faith? Is Reilly’s faith
(or ego) so fragile that he has to resort to this kind of smear?

This is called play-acting. So is the make-believe that the two of them could “parent children.” The only condition on which they could have children is via a missing mom. In other words, have a child in such a way that it will be deliberately deprived of one of its parents. This might be called many things, but “parenting” is not one of them.

Sorry Mr. Reilly but they do not seek, and certainly do not require, your approval. Moreover, parenting is defined as the activity of bringing up a child as a parent. Belief systems are based on faith. Science is based on evidence. While the faith-based dogma decries gay couples as parents, the evidence-based research overwhelmingly demonstrates that the children raised by gay couples are as healthy, happy, secure and successful as their peers.

To tell you the truth I would think that a child raised by two spectacularly intelligent individuals, the Buttigiegs, would be healthier and happier than a child raised by an irrational bigot whose judgment is dependent upon Vatican eunuchs. Those children are destined to be neurotic. Which kids are likely to be more curious?

When Buttigieg was asked how he, as president, would deal with “leaders of foreign countries where it’s still illegal to be gay,” he responded: “So, they’re going to have to get used to it.” Leave aside the fact that there are no countries where it is the illegal to be homosexual, only ones where the act of sodomy continues to be against the law. What does “getting used to it” mean? It means that foreign leaders, like the rest of us, will have to become actors in their play-acting. Buttigieg means that we must all conform ourselves to the script of the fantasy dream world in which he is engaged.

What it means, you narrow-minded whack job, is that they can come to terms with the fact that the president’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to the job of president and to our foreign policy. That is what rational people do.

It’s Friday. There is plenty more idiocy to respond to but I’ll jump to the conclusion:

If we are not behaving as we should in accordance with the dream world, it is probably because we’re “haters.” Charity and compassion are the trump cards played by those who accede to and insist upon the Buttigieg-like normalization of homosexual behavior. It’s all part of “caring.” Charity is indeed an obligation, but it never trumps truth. …

Who could possibly say that Robert R. Reilly is a hater? Truth? The truth is not found in ancient texts. Heterosexuality, homosexuality and the entire spectrum between them represent natural variants of human sexuality — at least according to the overwhelming consensus of science.

Sexual orientation has no relationship to morality or integrity — either way. Mr. Reilly writes about pretending. Pretending is defined by gay men who marry women to conform to their faith. They have toxic marriages and they are toxic parents who raise very screwed-up kids.

People pretend that gay bashing earns them merit in an afterlife. If there really is a god, some of those folks are in for a hell of a shock.

Get over it Mr. Reilly. We’re not going anywhere. We are involved in every aspect of American life. The next cop who gives you a speeding ticket might be gay. The CEO of arguably the world’s largest company (Apple) is gay.

This guy is going to have a stroke when more transgender people rise in prominence. Meanwhile, Mayor Pete, on the national stage, is proven to have superior intellect and to be spectacularly articulate.

Truth is not found in superstition. Faith becomes superstition as it becomes extreme to the detriment of others.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.