People should think twice before accusing others of indoctrinating children.

I do not know who, or what, an Alex Newman is. However, I do know that the worst form of bigotry is to claim that a minority group poses a threat the children. According to Mr. Newman:

Public schools do hold good teachers who want to follow the best education practices and who object to the indoctrination of the LBGTQ agenda, but they are being penalized.

Mr. Newman — as evidenced by that sentence — was not influenced by a good English teacher. Oddly enough Alex Newman sees others as radical:

When the National Education Association (NEA) partnered with a radical homosexual and transgender group known as the “Human Rights Campaign” to create “welcoming schools,” a lot of public-school teachers felt uncomfortable, if not outraged. But when the groups sent out a mass e-mail encouraging teachers to ask young children what “pronouns” they prefer — he, she, they, z, tree, and so on — that was a bridge too far for many.

Any teacher who is outraged by the prospect of making sexual minority students welcome in public schools should either find another profession or apply for a comparable job at a religious school. It is a fact that a tiny percentage of students are either gender nonconforming or transgender. They deserve to be addressed as they choose to be addressed.

To avoid further marginalizing vulnerable kids it is appropriate to ask every child what pronouns they prefer. No one dies. It is not just a matter of courtesy or good manners. Transgender children have a condition that creates significant potential for self-harm. That potential is reduced (along with the underlying minority stress) when they are accepted for their gender identity.

Gender dysphoria is unique. No other medical condition creates the disapproval of conservative Christians. If we treated kids with asthma the way we treat kids with gender dysphoria, the asthmatics would also be killing themselves. Such treatment would include promoting the false suggestion that asthma is contagious. Moreover, the asthmatic children must be made aware that they have made bad choices and are, thus, disapproved of.

Teachers are already finding themselves in hot water for refusing to play along with the madness. Indeed, teachers such as Peter Vlaming at West Point High School in Virginia have already been fired from their jobs for refusing to refer to girls using male pronouns, and vice-versa. In California, teachers say they are required to submit to the gender madness or be fired, too.

“Madness” might be defined as the preference for superstition over medical science. Yes, superstition. When faith-based religious dogma is accepted over evidence-based science it becomes superstition. Peter Vlaming might have been a good teacher but he comes up short on empathy. What possible harm inures to Vlaming for addressing a student in accordance with the student’s desires and in conformity with school district policy?

Vlaming wants to pretend that transgender children do not exist. He is free to believe anything that he wants. How he applies those beliefs towards others affects others and when others are public school students he is expected to yield to the policies of his employer. He did not. Vlaming filed suit in October. He is represented by the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom and a local practitioner, Shawn Ashley Voyles.

Returning to the utterances of Alex Newman:

In interviews with The New American, almost a dozen current and former public-school teachers expressed serious concerns about the changes taking place in “education.” Some had already been ordered by superiors to violate their conscience and common sense in order to comply with outlandish statutes, regulations, or policies. Others know full well that the day is fast approaching when they will have to choose: Obey the system, or obey God and their conscience.

Conscience? Where is the moral sense in mistreating a vulnerable child? Newman appeals to “common sense.” Dogma over science does not represent common sense. No more so than believing that it is just common sense to murder an insolent child or a bride who is not a virgin; which are also dictated by scripture.
Newman indulges in the usual recitation of victims. Newman claims, in boldface type: “Blatant Discrimination Against Christian Teachers.” Sure. This goes on at considerable length. Then there is this:

And then more recently, the system began pushing “Social and Emotional Learning” (SEL) that really made him uncomfortable. During his last two years, it even had “mandated SEL time in all classrooms,” he explained. “It started innocent enough: learning conflict resolution skills, dealing with anger, being a good friend, and so on. But then, it began overtly pushing ideology.” Indeed, teachers were even ordered to show videos glorifying homosexuality, transgenderism, bisexuality, and more. As a Christian, Potsick refused, but the school had not yet worked out a system to check on every class to ensure the LGBT propaganda was being foisted on students.

Now you just know that is bullshit. “Glorifying” is a close cousin to “celebrating.” These concepts are based on the false notion that LGBTQ people want the approval of a religious conservative. Apparently these people need to believe that their approval is necessary or vigorously solicited.

As for those troublesome videos, the likely reality is that they explained — in age-appropriate terms — sexual orientation and gender identity. The two things are clearly understood by medical science and are not subject to religious interpretation.

Also in boldface type is this: “Teachers Not Valued, Scared to Speak Out.” This is usually the excuse for why some whack job is the only problem. “Well, others feels the same way I do but they are afraid.” This has the added value of demonstrating the courage of the lone crackpot.

When this verbose diatribe (3,600 words) comes to a conclusion we are informed:

Alex Newman is an educator and co-author (with the late Sam Blumenfeld) of the book Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.

Blumenfeld was a homeschooling activist and a conspiracy theorist. The tiny foundation he started files its tax return by e-postcard. Newman is also the co-author of World Federalism 101: “World Federalism 101 documents the hard-hitting history behind the New World Order. ” Uh huh.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.