Brown’s organization is rightly criticized for efforts to impose religious doctrine on the world — eliminating access to abortion, severely restricting the rights of sexual minorities and greatly reducing individual liberty.
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Brian S. Brown in Verona for World Congress of Families.

Hate Group Leader, Brian S. Brown, has “Nommed” his other gig. I have two emails from Brown asking for money in remarkably similar ways. One is on behalf of National Organization for Marriage; the other from International Organization for the Family. The IOF plea — titled soros network at it again — is sardonically amusing:

George Soros‘ network of radical anti-family groups is at it again. He’s targeted IOF for attack because he knows we are one of his most effective opponents. This time he inserted a covert operative to attend and observe our recently concluded, highly-impactful, African Regional Conference in Ghana. The Soros operative pretended to be a pro-family supporter when in reality she was a rapid LGBT activist. The purpose of embedding this operative into our conference in Africa was to create an opportunity for Soros’ network to once again malign and misrepresent our views with a sensational fake news report that they peddle to their media allies and their radical leftist base.

Presumably the word rapid was supposed to be rabid. The amazing part is that Brown is claiming that he can read George Soros’ mind. It gets better:

The “expose” from Soros’ embedded operative was published by the group openDemocracy. This group bills itself as a global media platform but in reality it is a platform for the Soros network to spew hate and propaganda to advance their radical agenda. Soros’ network of groups are the largest funder of openDemocracy, likely contributing as much as several million dollars this year.

Brown doesn’t provide a link but I think that he is referring to an October 31 piece titled: American-led ‘pro-family’ summit in Ghana condemned for ‘shocking’ white supremacist, Islamophobic links. It is attributed to openDemocracy Investigations. We should thank Brian S. Brown for bringing this to our attention. They gave him an opportunity to respond:

Responding to an email from openDemocracy, WCF president Brian Brown, who is set to speak at the event in Ghana, did not comment on specific examples cited in this article but sent a short response accusing openDemocracy of “lies” and “false claims”, adding: “We condemn racism, hatred, and violence. We always have.”

Brown does the same thing in the email. Rather than citing anything that is factually incorrect in the article, he is attacking George Soros ad hominem. In point of fact, openDemocracy, based in the UK, is affiliated with Neo Philanthropy. Mr. Soros is not on the board of Neo.

The Open Society Foundation is a contributor. So are the Stewart Mott Foundation, the Ford Foundation and a number of other charitable organizations.

openDemocracy is a progressive venture. However, the notion that George Soros has some responsibility for an investigative journalist attending a WCF event is ludicrous. The idea that IOF is pitted against Soros is equally absurd hyperbole. The idea that George Soros “knows we [IOF] are one of his most effective opponents” is laughable. Brown assumes that his audience is comprised of idiots. Perhaps it is.

 Brown’s email includes the all too familiar:

At the landing page: “IOF is 501 (c) 3 organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Well, sort of. IOF and World Congress of Families are assumed names of the Howard Center for Family Religion and Society. Howard Center is considered an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Howard Center has less than $100 thousand in assets. It is my belief that World Congress of Families finances are off balance sheet and stem from far-right European sources. Money probably coincides, in part, with the far-right elements written about in the openDemocracy article.

Brian S. Brown is likely compensated by the same sources of funds. That is perfectly legal providing that he pays the taxes on offshore receipts. What is legally questionable, however, is having a parallel offshore entity using the resources of Howard Center but not being incorporated into the Howard Center’s financial reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.

An April, 2019 article at a different outlet, London-based The Face, paints a similar picture: How the far right is weaponising ​“the family”

At the World Congress of Families, where ultra-conservatives use “traditional values” to strategise resistance to reproductive and sexual rights.

Is every critic of Brian S. Brown and the organizations he is affiliated with an agent of George Soros? I am not. Neither is the Southern Poverty Law Center. Brian S. Brown is raising money through a dishonest pretext. For all his sanctimony, Mr. Brown has no problem with dishonest self-enrichment
and I barely scratched the surface of the corruption at National Organization for Marriage.

Nor does Brian S. Brown have any difficulty promoting false narratives to raise money. Scapegoating George Soros is thoroughly dishonest. I guess that lying in order to do “God’s work” is perfectly acceptable in that orbit.

I tend to think of God’s work as feeding the hungry, teaching people to read and housing the homeless. If there is a god then the disapproval of minorities and oppressing those same minorities doesn’t seem like something that would appeal to him or her.

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By David Cary Hart

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